Some people have no discernible uniqueness at all. They're the average-looking people, working the average job, wearing the average clothes and living the average life. Pretty boring, huh? I'm one of those people. No one remembers my name or my face. Hell, I might have met you, you just don't know it yet. But hopefully, you'll remember, soon.

Now, I'm not some evil kinda monster who's about to rip your spleen out through your eye sockets and wear your skin. I'm not gonna jump out from the dark alley, maim and kill you. In fact, I don't want to hurt you at all. But they do.

They lie in wait, under your car, behind your door, up in the attic. They'll wait until you're completely alone and at peace. No, they don't break your skull open and eat your heart or anything like that. What they do is much worse. What they give you is a fate worse than death; they take your soul.

They want the very essence of your being- your passions, hopes, dreams, and memories. What makes you you, what makes life worth living is their heroin, and they need it.

So they take it from you, they're so quick you don't even have time to be afraid. You are gone, all you have left is the flesh shell you inhabit, until the day you die.

I fear what happens then. Every religion tells me that without a soul I have no salvation after death. I fear damnation, but I can't even be sure it's worse than my existence now. I can't feel happiness or love. All I have is fear, despair, and hopelessness.

Please, remember this. Don't let them have you. Be alert. Be strong. But be afraid.

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