• Squidmanescape

    I've made a habit of not using Google recently, because I'm kind of a superstitious person and I don't like the idea that they can track me. I use Ecosia most of the time, even though that site also records your search history (this is their pitch).

    I didn't think there was any real reason for eschewing Google, but today something weird happened.

    I edit the Spinpasta Wiki often. Today I found a story called "The Sad Loud House" credited to "JMFStudios". Note: it's J M F, not J F M. This will become important later.

    There's no link, so I decide to put one there. I look at whether there's a JMFStudios on Spinpasta and there isn't. Then I search that person on Ecosia. I find a guy, and he's an artist, but he doesn't look like the kind of person …

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  • HopelessNightOwl

    I read and edit a lot of stories on this wiki. However, I'm not one to leave feedback in the comments very often. I don't do scores, and I have trouble coming up with unique feedback that isn't just some variation of "I really liked how you did that thing that you did."

    I also haven't taken up the popular practice of having a list of favorite stories on my user page. I haven't bothered because I don't want to go through the hassle of deciding if I should rank them, whether a certain story is "really good enough for my favorites list", etc.

    So, I've come up with this instead. Inspired by EtherBot's Random Writer's Showcase series, I plan to make a blog post listing ten stories from this wiki that I liked from time to time. These aren't necess…

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  • Lo mismo

    Hey mates!

    March 14, 2019 by Lo mismo

    So I was working on a 'pasta for about 30 mins, and then I lost it 'cause I didn't save after I was taken to another site.

    Love ya!


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  • Just a Guy That Likes Creepypastas

    There seems to be something I'm not understanding about how descriptions work for the Writer's Showcase. Recently, I posted the title of a story of mine onto the forum, giving it a brief synopsis within the post, but when I see it on the "New Pastas" section of the front page, it only comes up with "Author has not provided a description for this pasta".

    What exactly is it that I'm missing here?

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  • NedWolfkin

    In January SyFy cancelled their miniseries Channel Zero after only four seasons with a total of twenty-four episodes.

    Although I only watched the first season, I really don't care that they cancelled it. I know that might not seem fair, but I doubt the other seasons were any better. Since the first season is the only one I actually watched, it is what I am going to talk about on this page.

    To begin with, it wasn't a very good adaptation. I know you can't stretch a story that takes five minutes to read and takes place in a chatroom into six episodes, but the least they could have done was try to stick the plot and include Candle Cove more. Instead of going with the boring plot they went with they could have somehow combined the original story…

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  • ZakBabyTV

    I am a youtuber narrator who tells scary stories online looking for more stories in any category of paranormal cabins forests woods windegos skin walkers haunted houses Etc.

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  • 黒の騎士


    March 10, 2019 by 黒の騎士

    Greetings horror enthusiasts

    All you need to know is that you need to know nothing. 

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  • BlackMaskedHorror

    Hello there, I'm glad you took the time to read this.

    I am not new to the world of Creepypasta, only now I have brought up the time to write some.

    And because you would have left by now, I'll give you a fragment of a story:


    A frog sprite pops up, happy and welcoming.

    How do you do, Sam?

    You are startled, how does it know your name?

    Press the arrow buttons to move me around.

    The frog hops up and down impaitently. You oblige and it croaks excitedly.

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  • Daggeronsdaughter123


    March 4, 2019 by Daggeronsdaughter123

    Hi I'm daggeronsdaugter123 and I'm new to the wiki

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  • Jacquelyn Vixen

    Hello Delta Here, Many do not know what the bloody hell a Mary sue or Gary sue is. Well they are characters with too many powers, or can't be killed. - A Mary Sue is a female character - A Gary Sue is a Mary Sues twin brother - A Mary Sue and Gary Sue usually represent a existing Character - A example of a Mary Sue is Nina, and maybe Killer Jane - Clockwork, Ben Drowned, and Slender man and his brothers are not in the sue family - I suggest not naming your character Mary Sue or Gary Sue - Sues would be making evil versions of Disney characters - we already have websites for that and you tube videos - do not make a creepy pasta related to a already made creepy pasta - do not pretend that someone else's character is yours - do not steal some…

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