1nkyL0re 1nkyL0re 14 hours ago

Horrid advice

im back.... been a few years since ive been here after finally getting rid of my... well lets just call it cringe anyone have any advice on writing a horror genre? you know other the the typical grammar stuff... like plot wise?

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Annoynomous Annoynomous 1 day ago


I'm just in school writing stories while the sub teacher talks about phones.

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Black.China14 Black.China14 5 days ago

Hello I am new

Hello I am new here and I want to tell a little bit about myself and i'm a very nice person if you approach me the right way you may call me Lash.

I have no friends because I have trust issues I love scary things because I am very dark I suffer from depression anxiety eating disorder and a sleeping disorder no one really like's me so i'm pretty much lonely I love Naruto it's my favorite anime and I really don't know what else to say so goodbye until next time.

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DylanIsAWolf DylanIsAWolf 5 days ago

Lavender Town Syndrome

So, Lavender Town is a very well-known occurrence. The map called “Lavender Town” depicted a small village tinted with lavender. In this map, a high-frequency unsettling theme would play. After playing, the number of suicides and illnesses spiked among kids 4-12.

Of course, I wanted to see if this was real, or just another story. I got my Gameboy and put in the copy of Pokémon that supposedly has Lavender Town in it. I turned the volume up once I got there.

It was highly disturbing, once I heard it. Even though I’m older than 12, the song reminded me of ghosts and death. It sent shivers down my spine and I never want to hear it again. It gave me nightmares about me falling off cliffs and dying while my family watched and laughed.

After all of…

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The Vesper's Bell The Vesper's Bell 7 days ago

Policy For April Fool's Posts

So I kind of have an idea for an April Fool's post. I won't go into details, but it would definitely be silly and most likely cross the line into trollpasta. I'm aware that the Wiki no longer accepts trollpasta, and I was wondering if there was any leniency for April Fools.

To be clear, by trollpasta I mean lolpasta, not crappypasta. In terms of writing quality, it would be to my normal standards, but it wouldn't be a horror story.

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GalacticFNAFRunner GalacticFNAFRunner 8 days ago

Can't Remember Title

Does anyone know the name of the creepypasta where a guy and his two friends experience a blue or orange light that causes them to turn invisible, causing them to starve? Eventually the two friends starve to death and the narrator ends up spending days in a room with their bodies because he didn't know that they were dead. He thinks his neighbor sees them, but she's just calling out to the new guy moving into the protagonist's former home. Towards the end of the story, he becomes visible again, but on the brink of death.

Could anyone tell me the name of this story? It popped into my head randomly and now I'm obsessed with finding it. Thank you.

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Deku'sgirl Deku'sgirl 12 days ago

A little bit about me

Hello! This is my first blog like ever (I have never made a blog before) And I wanted to talk about me for a little bit! So some of my hobbies are...

Watching Gacha/making it

Now a little bit more about the anime topic! I love anything anime! My favorite anime right now is "My Hero Academia" If you have not watched that then GET OUT (Haha JK) Ok well I am in class while I am doing this 😬😂🥳🤓😛

So I have to end it here!!!!


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DoctorBleed DoctorBleed 15 days ago

too c old

This has nothing to do with writing, creepypasta or anything. Its just too cold and I have the flu and I hate all of it. Dear lord make it stop please help

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ConduitFruit ConduitFruit 17 days ago


Hey, I’m ConduitFruit, but you can call me Felix! This blog’s just a way for me to introduce myself, so yeah. If it looks terrible, well then deal with it. I’ve never made a wiki article before, but I have made stories.


I like:

I can’t think of anything to hate besides shit people make that take literally a couple minutes and they get much more popularity than people who actually spend time on work just to be ignored most of the time.


Why I joined this wiki: I’ve been a Creepypasta lover since 2011, and I wanted to see and comment on other stories, so I made an account just for this wiki!


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MCYT-Creepypasta MCYT-Creepypasta 18 days ago

Hello, want to get to know me

Hi there, I am Winter. I also like to go by Sean. I go by any gender since I think it's stupid. So call me a dude, a girl, or a non-binary person. I'm fine with that. I'm trying to make stories of the Dream SMP members but I'm making them killers. No hate please. If you have nothing nice to say, then leave. I am new and I'm trying to read the rules and remember them. I'm not gonna give my real age, so I'm saying I'm 20. If you need anyone to vent to, talk to me here. I'll listen. I love hearing ideas and I will credit people for those ideas before I start with the story. I'm still thinking on the stories and I have a few ideas already. And of course I'm gonna be making stories for my oc's as well. I have a few rules, but not a lot. So I as…

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