• Belle Watterson

    Am I going INSANE?

    August 20, 2019 by Belle Watterson


    So I want to tell you some wierd stuff that have happened to me

    And I think I am insane

    Here you go

    1. I can see spirits

    The craziest part is that I see spirits at night time

    But the most wierd part is that some of them look like Creepypastas


    Yesterday I swear to god I saw 3 of the most insane ones and I felt them when they sat on my bed

    You won't belive me but I saw BEN Drowend, The rake and the NUN

    I'm not lying

    2. I hear voices in my head that tell me what to do when I try to do something they don't like

    3. When people are talking their voices become demonic and they start to fade

    I don't know if this is because of depression or my bipolar disorder or my brain damage or even my god damn neck tic or my visions of the future

    But I th…

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  • Parlour

    Daily Advice Blog?

    August 19, 2019 by Parlour

    Hello all,

    Parlour here.  I know it's been a while since my last blog post, but I've been toying with a new idea lately and I wanted to hear some feedback from you guys.  Now that I've found some added free time to contribute to the wiki, I've considered starting a set of daily blog posts, each dedicating a little blurb of space to a new writing tip each day.

    I know there's places for me to go to help people with their writing, predominantly the tried and true Writer's Workshop; however, I know from experience that a lot of newcomers to the site go straight to blog posts for information, and many (myself embarassingly included) will skip over the Writer's Workshop when posting their first pastas.  I want this blog series to be able to help o…

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  • MML!opinions!Fun!Chocolate!

    Hello. It is I, that one person nobody knows, and welcome back to Spooky Spaghetti

    Blah blah intro let’s-a go!

    June 8th, 2012-

    “Well, I did it. I managed to clench the fickle fibers of my perception of reality long enough to play through world two.”

    Then you would’ve realized that this is a fluffing ROM Hack and stopped.

    “I have come to the conclusion that whoever made this is completely and utterly deranged. There’s been a rusted gear or a broken spring in the mechanics of their sadistic mind. Their only purpose in creating this mod was to mentally and psychologically flagellate the naïve soul poor enough to take the bait of its mysterious origin.”

    1: Don’t look up what flagellate actually means. I’ll just say it doesn’t really fit here...

    2: IT…

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  • Good tails doll

    How do i add the usernames of the readers in pages

    I have asked others about this and well, it didnt help.

    Please if you know the answer then leave me the code or text i need to enter in the pages.

    the first one that leaves the most helpfull comment will get his creepypasta narrated by me.

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  • PoisonedPeashooter67

    So there is a lot of pasta's but I am asking, What is your favorite pasta's? I am not sure what mine is but it might be russian sleep expiriment or smile dog.

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  • Rexitoxal

    I read off this website for a while now and decided to finally make an account. Hello!

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  • ChristianWallis

    Hey guys, some of you might have stumbled across Fandom's latest addition to the wiki, Discussions. When this strange new feature appeared we were unsure of how it was going to be used by our community. We've since given it some time and thought and we believe that the discussions should be moderated similarly to the wiki although off-topic posts, fan-art, and showcase style announcements, will still be allowed. We've written a list of discussions-specific rules  but they largely focus on controlling the overwhelming number of polls that were being posted there. This means that from now on there will be regulation of discussion posts in a way that is similar but not identical to how we regulate the main wiki itself.

    You'll find my post on …

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  • Good tails doll

    A masive update has completely changed my newest fandom it was formely for horror related content only.

    But now the name changed to Flamintales and any story categories can be writhin.

    If you would like to help the fandom grow then wright your own stories or spread the word

    Please make sure to read the guidelines before getting started

    Thank you for reading and have a good day.

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  • Lunanightmare1234

    Now we all know that creepypastas stalk people but what happens if you are the chosen one to be stalked?

    That is why you are reading this blog

    Now rules

    1. If you hear noises do not fall assleap if you do the creepypasta will find you as an easy pray

    2. Never think of bad things about Creepypastas because they can read minds

    3. Never use holy water it will make that creepypasta more angry

    4. Never piss them off

    5. Never remind them about their past life

    6. Never make to much eye contact

    7. If you hear noises run as fast as you can from them

    8. If somebody asks you questions that talk about being beautiful of about taking candy then you should know you are fucked up

    9. If they want to make you beautiful try and outsmart them like for example:

    Jeff the …

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  • ManaKraken91

    Where's my story?

    August 13, 2019 by ManaKraken91

    Hey, Yesterday I wrote a creepypasta. I looked her today but it's gone.. Does anyone know what happened to it?

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