• EmpyrealInvective

    There has been a lot of discussion in the past about licensing, authorial rights, and concerns raised about users posting stories written by other authors for a while now and we’ve reached a consensus that is going to be implemented on the wiki very soon. This blog is to lay out the rule and respond to any concerns and clarify any misconceptions that come with this change in the comments.

    As I’m sure many of you are aware, the internet landscape has changed quite a bit with more focus (rightfully so) being placed on the rights of authors who write creepypastas and other horror literature. While I know that creepypastas have their roots in people copy/pasting them around without much in way of citation or accreditation, those times have chan…

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  • Skiyyofficial

    *FIRST* blog

    September 13, 2019 by Skiyyofficial

    first blog

    projects working on:

    the mind album

    my dead brother trailer


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  • AlexBrownJakeWhite

    Post 1.
    Have you ever heard from Tulpa?
    It is not that an imaginary friend, but something more.
    You can see, hear, smell, touch and the like.
    Many people think that this is schizophrenia, but Tulpa is just a figment of the imagination that cannot harm you.

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  • TommyCreeklow


    September 9, 2019 by TommyCreeklow

    I'm new to this website and I would just like to say hi to all you people!

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  • MML!opinions!Fun!Chocolate!

    Hello! I’m finally back!

    Welcome back to Blood Pudding: Hear its Fry (yay Bad Creepypasta joke)

    Let’s just get this over with

    June 9th, 2012-

    “It’s me again. I had a horrible range of nightmares last night that are a direct result of playing this game.”

    Well... yeah. Dreams will often be related to what you were thinking of before going to sleep. Of course they’re a result of playing the game: you were thinking about it before sleeping

    “Some really weird stuff also went down.”

    Probably not as weird as my dreams. Mine are really, REALLY WEIRD.

    “Before I get into today’s gameplay, I’ll have to go through them with you guys so I’ll have an interactive record of my dreaming habits related to this game.”

    Interactive?... I looked it up and I’m honestly n…

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  • Good tails doll

    If you guys have any narration requests then link the creepypasta or creepypastas in the comments of this blog post.

    Gore has to be decreased as youtube have changed theyre guidelines.

    Also add in the authors username in your creepypasta narration requests to give proper credit.

    The narration will be uploaded on my youtube channel Soulz Studios in the creepypasta narrations playlist.

    The author will be notified when the narration is uploaded aswell as the one who sugested it.                                          

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  • Mmpratt99 deviantart

    Also is an author allowed to add new stories to the User List Category?

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  • Kallier6359


    I'm new here and wanted to know about any obscure scary pastas. As in, ones that not a lot of people know about. Soooo....No 1999, Psychosis, The Number of Darkness, etc, etc...

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Imjustthere

    Some of you might remember my blog from yesterday, i asked if anyone was interested, and while no one said "OMG YES", some of you did give me some good ideas, which tells me some of you were at least mildly interested, so here it is. The Creepypasta encyclopedia, with info on Pastas and Pasta websties. I'm not presenting this as an alternative, just something cool i made. Also if any of you have an idea for a wordmark, pleas tell me.,_The_Creepypasta_Encyclopedia_Wiki

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  • Imjustthere

    I recently came up with this idea and wanted to know what y'all would think of it. It's kinda what it sounds like. Not only a place for Creepypastas, but Trollpastas and other original creations as well, along with some pages about the history of Creepypasta's. What do you guys think of that idea?

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