• HopelessNightOwl

    After reading through all the stories in Suggested Reading and Historical Archieve, here are some of the ones I liked the most. Some are well known while others are obscure and underrated.

    1. Autopilot

    2. Burgrr Entries

    3. Candle Cove

    4. Mr. Widemouth

    5. Pale Luna

    6. Penpal

    7. The Strangers

    8. Ted the Caver

    9. Anomaly

    10. Candle Cove

    11. Devil's Wood

    12. The Disappearance of Ashley, Kansas

    13. Hitchhiker's Object

    14. House of Rules

    15. I Found a Digital Camera in the Woods

    16. Mother's Call

    17. Where Bad Kids Go

    18. The Woman in the Oven

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  • AGSonic Official

    I sincerely do not recommend going to this wiki if you are a first time writer, or a writer who isn't experienced enough with the genre. I hope to have a story here someday, but probably not in the near future, considering it's strict policies here. 

    I am a novice writer, I've written works in the past, but they aren't good to be fair. Even with my experience, I still have many ways to learn about writing, and how to avoid writing cliches, especially with fanfiction. With that being said, I still have many ways to go before I can write a Creepypasta story, especially on this site, because stories here, belong to a category of writers who has many years of experience on writing stories in general, and if they know how to plan out their story…

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  • Pneumalexx

    Personal blog

    January 10, 2020 by Pneumalexx

    I have a personal blog on live journal but have fun figuring it out :)

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  • Cornconic

    Does it require special privileges or is it a universal function?

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  • RedNovaTyrant

    Attention, writers!

    Heya, Red here. It’s time to liven up this wiki, and what better time to do it than during the cold, miserable winter that kicks off 2020? So I’m holding a contest. Never done this before, but let’s give it a crack. The contest theme, you might ask? Simple:

    Upon signing up in the comments of this blog post, you will be given a tarot card at random. You must write a story that then pertains to that card.

    Embrace the fear of inevitability, or rework the card’s meaning to have a different effect on your story. Be it about fortune telling, a trait of the card itself, whatever - just remember to make it frightening! (The better use of the card’s meaning will probably score you higher though, just saying.)

    However, this is a limi…

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  • Elerico13

    I recently had A pasta removed due to issues with grammar and punctuation. I should have paid more attention to the preview to see how it was set up, and done more with punctuation.

    This is the first pasta I've had deleted, so I have a few questions:

    1. Can I fix the grammar and punctuation now, then put it on the workshop?

    2. Could I get some clarification as to how the workshop, well, works? This site is kind of confusing.

    3. How could I put the pasta that was deleted onto the workshop? If I can?


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  • William See

    Your first bit of advice: don’t.

    Seriously, you are way better than that. As someone who’s been writing for a decade and drawing even longer, you will more often than not find yourself regretting every poorly written Mary Sue you uploaded when you were young.

    A character in a story isn’t made to be fawned over, I think, in a way that detracts from the story (see: Empress Theresa). Especially not a serial killer who got mad their boyfriend ate their favorite cereal or something.

    Your best bet is to find out why they are interesting and keep it relegated to a backstory that melds with the universe you’re creating. Give them purpose. Give us a reason to like them. Not just “oh im crazy because my mom stabbed me, then I killed her now Im Mary the…

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  • AustinDR

    Now, that was an oldie. Sometime in...I'm tempted to say around the time I entered my first year of high school I heard about the infamous story. Obviously, I knew it was just an urban legend story with the unbelievability of the tale working against it. The story is about an intern working at the Nickelodeon animation studios on SpongeBob shortly after the release of the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. They find what appears to be a completely normal episode, but as you'd imagine, it wasn't.

    The story, while I am aware that it's not meant to make sense as it's just a creepy story...there are a few issues I have with it. Ignoring the inaccuracies that come with developing concepts for the show's next episode, or how Hillenburg was divorced from t…

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  • Weirdgirl123

    scary story

    January 2, 2020 by Weirdgirl123

    So, I have a scary story.


    well, I was up in my living room, it was around 6 or 7 am. I was watching a scary move, and I was about to post something, I was distracted and then I hear a loud crashing sound. I shrugged it off and then I posted the thing I needed to post and went to go see what made the sound and could not find a source.

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  • Evemetalchick

    Persuaded (review)

    December 31, 2019 by Evemetalchick

    This is a classic zombie story, but with not so typical zombies. These zombies are more than what everyone expected them to be. They don’t just slug around and go after victims for brains; they’re smart, persuasive, and very patient.

    Plot: One day, a major oil spill occurs in an unknown town and everyone treated it like a normal spill that needs to be cleaned up. But the slowly, animals started going crazy and started attacking the workers; every one that attacked created a cruel mess of corpses that continue the cycle of attacking anyone that was near. Two weeks later, the whole area was in chaos with people dying left and right; our unknown character is one of few survivors that stayed alive so far by not leaving. When he ran out of food …

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