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Theskyisfallingxp Theskyisfallingxp 2 days ago

Hello Humans

Hello humans ^_^. Now before I start asking for advice, I figure ill introduce myself first. My name is Asher and I use any pronouns. My favorite creepypastas are ones that have to do with disassociation, entities, and mental illness. My favorite creepypasta right now is Blood Red Nails. I listen to a lot of different genres but right now my main music artists are Twenty One Pilots, Lemon Demon, Lovejoy, System of a Down, and Get Scared.

Alright so heres my dilemma. I"ve always loved writing, and I like to think that my grammar is pretty decent, but I cannot format a story to make sense for the life of me. You see, I've had an idea for a creepy pasta where basically theres a teenager who is walking home from a car crash he ends up dying in.…

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GlassLampp GlassLampp 3 days ago

Intro to me

Okay!!! Intro time baby.

I'd like to stay as anonymous as possible due to personal reasons and my safety, as I am a minor. PLEASE talk to me if you wish to I am so lonely in the creepypasta fandom, when I first was introduced I was still fairly young; so I didn't speak to anyone just read the stories, and looked at fanart. I am also an artist! I hope to be able to create artwork/possible a simple game while I learn the ways of blendr. This is it for now, I will add on later... eventually :) -Glasslampp

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Gomez Capulet Gomez Capulet 9 days ago

NaNoWriMo 2021

I'm considering trying to write a long creepypasta for NaNoWriMo 2021. I'm split between three ideas. The working titles for each of these are Vampire Planet, Mother Owl and Cry of the Magmoreen. I have another idea for something called Disasturbation but last time I tried to post it as a short story it was understandably deleted as a troll pasta. Is anyone else here doing NaNoWrimo this year? I'd love some creepypasta buddies to hold me accountable.

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Gomez Capulet Gomez Capulet 12 days ago

Dario Argento Ranking

Over the last couple months Dario Argento has become my favorite director. I still have a handful of films I haven't got around to seeing yet. This is my ranking of his films which I've seen so far. I'm doing this to pass the time at work. I can't focus enough here to do any actual writing.

1. Phenomena

2. Suspiria

3. Opera

4. Tenebre

5. Deep Red

6. Inferno

7. The Cat o' Nine Tails

8. Trauma

9. The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

10. Mother of Tears

11. Dracula 3D

12. Giallo

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Mizkelleneus Mizkelleneus 13 days ago


what's your favorite SCP or Creepypasta?

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SkullcrawlerBuddy SkullcrawlerBuddy 17 days ago

I have some huge news!

Hello there boys and girls. I have some massive news for all of ya!

After some thinking and conversations with close friends, I will finally, after so long, continue the Town! Chapter 3 is coming out on October 31st this year. Fitting, innit? I had a ton of fun making the first two chapters. I had

d a lot of fun making the first 2 chapters. I hope you guys like this one!

Also, here's some trivia. I got the idea of this story after I read Dog Children, which did legitimately scare me. The concept of chapters came from my all-time favorite Creepypasta, NES Godzilla Creepypasta. The storyline and lore took inspiration from Bendy and the Ink Machine, one of my favorite horror games.

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Jdeschene Jdeschene 19 days ago

Halloween Contest!

Hi friends!

I'm very pleased to share that I'll be co-judging a Halloween writing contest here on the wiki!

For more information, please see Cornconic's post here: User blog:Cornconic/2021 Halloween Writing Contest.

I really look forward to seeing your entries!

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Cornconic Cornconic 20 days ago

2021 Halloween Writing Contest

Greetings, all. Today marks the first day of the spookiest month of the year, when ghouls, demons, and monsters of various sorts run amok, and the air is rich with the scent of fresh rituals. As the trees fade from their vivid greens to dusty browns and yellows, and the nights grow colder and darker, there's never a better time in the world of creepypasta. Hence, why we're proposing a modest challenge...

Simply put, this contest involves writing the best Halloween story. That's it, there's no further prompt past that. Wow us with your tales of pumpkins, skeletons, trick-or-treating, and all other things Halloween-related. You are free to seek inspiration in the form of online prompts if you are sorely lacking in ideas, but keep in mind that …

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EmpyrealInvective EmpyrealInvective 22 days ago

Halloween Movie Marathon (2021)

Hey all, I didn't have the time last year as I was in my final clinical year of the veterinary program, but I managed to schedule it out this year. As a fan of horror movies, I really wanted to dive back into it after being away for a bit. As such, I'm glad to announce that this year, I will be continuing my tradition of watching a horror movie every day the month of October until Halloween. As watching movies without any plan would be formless, I'm going to be sectioning each day of the week into specialized themes.

  • 1 What to expect
  • 2 1/10/21 Throwback Thursday: Phantasm (2014 review)
  • 3 2/10/21 Short Film Saturday:
  • 4 3/10/21 Shout-Out Sunday: World of Horror
  • 5 4/10/21 My Pick Monday: Don't Look Now
  • 6 5/10/21 Tell Me What to Watch Tuesday: Delirium
  • 7 6/…

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Queenraven7009 Queenraven7009 13 September

more than is seems

so when i started school i thought it wouldnt be fun bc of my depression was getting worse i was in a really bad state so i was in an anxious place i thought i wouldnt make any friends but i only had to be myself now im better

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