• PGOfficial

    My first creepypasta will be called 9/11. There is gonna be chapters 1-20

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  • MML!opinions!Fun!Chocolate!

    Hello. It is I, MyLifeIsAJoke.Exe, everyone’s favorite executable file, back once again to read This is Abysmal: Watch me die

    ...It was harder than I thought it would be to think of a rhyme for Blood Whistle that would make sense

    Anyways, I am back once again to endure torture for the few people that read this! (If any)

    ...Or at least I don’t see any comments on the last one so I don’t know how many people actually read this (again, if any)

    Welp, now to the garbage

    ...ah, flook it! I’m playing music while doing this to help me get through!

    (Yes I said that in an attempt to be funny)

    (Goes to Apple Music. Looks up “Thanks to you Song” and starts playing the album)

    Here I go!

    June 7th, 2012

    “I wish I hadn’t unlocked that secret.”

    Same here. Then we wou…

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  • SpiderCrackenHammer7892

    i've been thinking about joining for a while now and so thats what i've done this will be a start well for me atleast.

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  • Irish Introvert
    • Some stupid admin deleted my creepypasta that I worked hours on because it was unfinished. How great :/ Whoever this admin was please brung it back as I worked very hard on it and just because it was "unfinished" is a stupid guideline. I was gonna finish it tomorrow, and what do you mean "Another"?
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  • Sentientdessert


    August 10, 2019 by Sentientdessert

    I realise I am critical of my work. I also realise that I am defensive of my own work too. I experienced a imediate deletion request to a story I posted. A story I had workshopped elsewhere and believed was complete.

    It isn't. It is still rough. I should delete or move it to the workshop thread if possible. I see this now.

    I did not see it when I had posted it. All I saw was a deletion request 4 minutes after it had been posted. Which seemed far too short a time to have actually read it.

    I still have room to grow as a writer. It is why I continue to write. *sighs*

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  • Creeponics

    Here I go again

    August 5, 2019 by Creeponics

    hello i got questions (please dont ban me) 

    how do i help the pasta community

    and what your favorate pastas (mine is Smile Dog, Rainbow Factory and The Russain Sleep Experiment )

    and why isnt there a music section, i mean honestly 

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  • MML!opinions!Fun!Chocolate!

    Hello. I am Mercy MyLifeIsAJoke Lavander... but you can call me either Mercy or MML.

    Insert joke about liking, commenting, subscribing, and turning on notifications here!


    I’m sorry I just did that WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME-

    (MyLifeIsAJoke.Exe has crashed)


    Anyways, now onto the thing

    This is the beginning of a multi-part series where I tackle the Creepypasta Blood Whistle and attempt to rip it to pieces

    Also, I’d make a Cinemasins counter for how many times they say “blood” but I don’t think there are numbers that high

    Now, let us dive in


    “This is the recorded blog of a college student who was playing a modified version of Super Mario Brothers 3 on his computer. Shortly after submitting the last entry, he committed suicide in his …

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  • Helel ben Shahaar

    Sorry for being late. I'll try to justify the wait. For this Writers' Lounge is with, none other than DrBobSmith. So without any further ado, let's just dive straight into.

    Helel ben Shahaar: Start's pretty standard: would you tell us something about yourself?

    DrBobSmith: How do I describe me? I live in the SouthWest USA currently, although I have been throughout most of the USA. I've been writing since High School, which was many decades ago. I would consider myself religious, which definitely has an influence on my work. I'm married and have three children. I also am a gun collector.

    Hel: Gun collector? Groovy. And how did you come to discover Creepypasta?

    Doc: I heard a couple of narrations on YouTube. There's No Such Thing as Area 51 and T…

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  • Mr. Cole 66

    1st Post

    August 1, 2019 by Mr. Cole 66

    We will hear more from Brice and Johan in the future, but my next story will not involve them. It's all sunshine, the excitement of participating in a public event, and terror...

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  • The Creature Under Your Bed

    It has this be on this website or reddit.

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