• KingDeeYT

    I forgot the link to the pastebin of my pasta, Room 19. I will not upload it again, I just did not keep a file of it and I want to show my YouTube audience.

    KingDeeYT (talk) 18:26, March 20, 2020 (UTC)King Dee, Gaming and Memes (aka KingDeeYT)

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  • HopelessNightOwl

    To use a childish poetic notion, one of the fascinating things about photography is how sometimes it almost seems to create a whole world of its own. Recently, I've started going on Streetview tours of random places on Google Earth, and it feels like exploring a world of digitally simulated beings who inhabit their own time and space.

    Anyway, after reading through the stories in Photography, here are some that stood out.

    1. Anomaly by Rembetis

    2. Attachment: 1 Image by [TOPRamen]

    3. Captured by L0CKED334

    4. The Camera I Found by Surm

    5. I Found a Digital Camera in the Woods by Unknown

    6. Imperfect Copies by YawningLion

    7. Lightning by alapanama

    8. Rabbits in the Creek by Unknown

    9. Satellite Images by SquidInk

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  • William See

    Seeing as how some - most likely many - folks may not be willing to go dumpster diving to find posts of interest or use, I figured I'd place all my opinions and thoughts on writing in one easy to find blog post. Some of it may change with the coming years and further development of my own writing, so please take them with a grain of salt. And keep in mind the site's history and context and how it has shaped my own perspective of writing.

    • Opinion piece on "original" creepy characters
    • Discussion of Tropes and Cliches and their Context
    • Help with developing stories from conception
    • Creating monster concepts
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  • Maanhatt

    How to delete a comment

    March 17, 2020 by Maanhatt

    Recently, I made a comment, but decided to delete it, as it could be taken the wrong way. However, I couldn't find out how to delete it. How do I delete a comment?

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  • Maanhatt


    March 17, 2020 by Maanhatt

    Less than 30 minutes ago, there was a large amount of bad or rip-off pastas. Pasta like these come here now and then, but I didn't expect such a large amount all in once. Does anyone know why this happened?

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  • Phoenix Emberly

    First Pasta

    March 13, 2020 by Phoenix Emberly

    Hello, I created my first creepypasta on this site. It isn't very long, only 3750 words to the letter.

    It is called A Note From the World's Luckiest Man

    All feedback will be appreciated.

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  • CatsAndCountryPotatoes

    Ok, so I haven't read a lot of pastas, but I've read enough, and not just on this site. I was thinking of doing some type of internet related creepypasta, but I don't want to be too generic. Like, I'm not gonna make a haunted computer. I'm also scared that whatever idea I have is already written. Any suggestions?

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  • Maanhatt

    Recently, I was thinking of potentially creating a pasta based on Trevor Henderson's art. However, I am unsure if the idea isn't really welcome into this wiki, as I don't know if the wiki accepts pasta based on someone's art. Is this idea welcome here, or should I scrap it and think of other ideas?

    Also, if blog posts aren't meant for things like this, please tell me and I will remove the post punctually.

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  • Doom Vroom

    People often ask how they can do better at writing, and while great advice is given here - it sometimes falls on deaf ears. The fact of the matter is some people respond better to taking in things visually, some verbally, and some through their ears. So I figured that some advice from a professional author in a video format might be a helpful and fresh take.

    For those of you that are unfamiliar, Brandon Sanderson is the author of the Mistborn series and the man that finished The Wheel of Time series which was started by the late Robert Jordan.

    In this (currently) 6 part video series of lectures that spans about 6 hours, he talks about: trying new writing techniques, world building/setting, plotting out your novel, connecting ideas, getting a…

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  • William See

    When I try to come up with a story, I focus on a central idea that really captures my interest. Maybe its a word, phrase or thought. I then try to fit it into a concept statement, something like "space worms invade the White House" or "magician conjures box full of corpses that move when nobody is looking".

    Once you have a concept you like, fit it into a narrative. How will you reach the final part of the story? Is there a scene you're imagining that will really encapsulate what horrible thing or idea you're trying to go for? You probably would want it to be the image everyone associates with your story, like how one might associate the dismembered hand floating in space with the game series Dead Space. One of your goals might be to have the…

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