• ParaunnyChan53


    June 24, 2020 by ParaunnyChan53

    Hello! My Name is Chiara! So, How's everyone doing?

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  • Postuhenin


    June 22, 2020 by Postuhenin
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  • T.Zar IZIS

    A message from EmpyrealInvective: The claims made by this user are currently under investigation to ascertain their veracity. They were asked to provide evidence for their claims, but have not provided concrete evidence. Sesseur has also been contacted and this matter is under investigation. This wiki takes claims of plagiarism very seriously and will look into this matter and make sure that any claims of literary dishonesty are handled appropriately.

    I am T-Zigma☀Я Т-Сигма

    10 years ago I wrote a story in some Internet forums, it was copied and pasted by different Internet sites, making it impossible to know who was the author of that "horror story".

    In 2010 I wrote a story called The Go To Sleep Origin, at that time I was a young and inexper…

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  • NedWolfkin

    Note: I initially posted this in the Discussions, but felt that I didn't do a good enough job so I copied it here and worked on it more. Additionally, I think this would work better as a blog, not only because this is an opinion, but because mainstream site users can discover it and give their two cents.

    Also note that this is more of an improved version, with minor differences.

    I also want to apologize in advance for the giant post.

    Seeing as I accidentally derailed a thread about the site needing more staff, I have decided to move the conversation of rather or not the internet is appropriate for children here. Here I'm going to elaborate more.

    I want to say before I begin that I'm not trying to sound insulting or anything, and I'm VERY sorry …

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  • Moptophugger

    I made a new creepy story based on Willy Wonka, you should check it out

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  • Dinomo0


    June 18, 2020 by Dinomo0

    Hey, just saying sorry, I was editing some things, like in the Dawn is your Enemy, where I was trying put in other videos that are related to the bumper itself, I kinda forgot to fallow the rules sadly, like I post a horror story of mine here

    I don't wanna be another toxic fan, am just naive

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  • 3okehinata


    June 17, 2020 by 3okehinata

    i lowkey totally forgot the password to my old account, so, uhm-

    how are you wonderful humanoid figures doing

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  • William See

    So it's pretty obvious by this point that Creepypasta, on the whole, is sort of a pop-blend of reality and fiction. Whether it's a true phenomena embellished to be believably creepy, or a totally fictional story that's presented as true, the site has always been dedicated to that nebulous area between the two genres.

    That being said, how do we handle stories that are simple retellings of real life incidents? Does that mean we are obliged to hold someone's firsthand account of an active shooter for example ... as on par with the likes of BEN Drowned? Are we intended to treat it as a story and nothing more, or are we still attempting to be a significantly less overbearing version of NoSleep's active Suspension of Disbelief rule. Because frank…

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  • Harold Roxby King of Toons

    The Name's Roxby Harold Roxby! At your Serveez I'll think up some Creepypasta Stories when I Git too it. Hope y'all enjoy me here. ;)

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  • RedNovaTyrant

    Phew. I survived another year.

    Welp. It’s now been almost two years since I joined the Creepypasta Wiki. A lot has happened over the last year (certainly more than year one) and I figured I’d do what I did last year and just talk about me me me. In particular, some short thoughts on my own stories, and some other stuff from the year. Let’s get started. (also posting this early cuz I’m going to busy for the next while)

    Reduced Visibility: Alright, my first story of year two was… not fantastic. The idea came from putting together an experience of actually getting some last minute groceries at the literal eleventh hour and then having to walk back onto my own campus, and messing with the perspective of a story (presenting the story as second pe…

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