• DoctorBleed

    I wanna ask, is there a way I can retain a fairly robust copyright of my work while still posting it here? I know about Wikia's sharing rules and I'm fine with not "solely" owning the text of a story if I can still own the characters and major items within it.

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  • Raidra

    Years ago I wrote a blog about a scam in which con artists call people’s homes and pretend to be a grandson or other relative to try to trick them into giving money. Well, yesterday it happened again. Someone called my house pretending to be my nephew and asking for my mother. I was about to mow the lawn when the call came. The caller ID showed an “Unknown caller” display with an unfamiliar number with an unfamiliar area code. I answered and the caller said, “Hello, Grandma [My mom’s name]! It’s me!” Immediately warning sirens went off due to the fact that I had encountered this scam before, the voice was definitely not my nephew (my mother’s only grandchild), my actual nephew never called my mom “Grandma [Mom’s first name]”, and, o…

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  • Postuhenin

    We've done it.

    August 16, 2020 by Postuhenin
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  • Postuhenin

    In my case, it's because of the temporary e-mail account I used when I first joined FANDOM ( What's your reason for your username?

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  • Kyleisgone

    Who am I?

    August 10, 2020 by Kyleisgone

    I am not Kyle. Kyle is gone. 

    Here are his memories

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  • Neonbugs

    hiya! im spence and im new to this wiki! first off i'd like to say, i've been reading horror stories from this wiki for a while and i've always wanted to contribute my own stories! i love writing horror, especially horror with hard to swallow themes, and it's nice to find a community of people that are into the same stuff!

    secondly, i enjoy constructive criticism! and no, i dont mean "oh well you could maybe do that but only if you want to :3" i mean straight up "this doesnt work because ____, try ____". dont go easy on me, but dont insult me either okay? thank you

    and finally, im happy to be a part of this wiki and i hope to get to know some of you, swap stories, and get some good feedback!

    have a great day and thank you all!

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  • Creepy Thomas O.

    Today, August 8th, 2020, marks the ten-year anniversary of the first edits on this sie. I myself have only been here for the last five years, but it still leaves me wondering, Where does all the time go? Just to show you how far this site has come – if you had logged onto the homepage that first day, this is what you would’ve read:

    This wiki is primarily a database of various creepypasta posted on 4chan's /x/ board. The goal is to have a fairly well stocked library of creepypasta, including very obscure and rarely posted, to original content discovered on /x/. Any help is greatly appreciated, although we would ask you to not post your own writings on here.

    Did you catch that? “We would ask you to not post your own writings on here.” Wow! This s…

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  • William See

    And that's okay, English is complex and we often have words that mean two different things. I wanted to take a moment to clarify some pairs of words that often get mixed interchangeably. Of course, it's up to you if you want to use them stylistically while keeping their definitions in mind.

    • I actually went over this in another blog post. Feel free to check it out!

    • Sapience is defined as the ability to reason, to have wisdom or intelligence. It is strictly a human-oriented word to describe higher thought processes.
    • Sentience is a general term for any living organism that can process stimuli or general existence. It can apply to animals and humans, as most animals arguably do not have higher thinking processes.

    • Plausibility is when something follo…

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  • Postuhenin

    See my discussions post for more info.

    NOTE: You may notice that the document is currently uneditable. This is because I have set restrictions that prevent anyone from editing before I allow them. This is simply to ensure that the collab I've set up isn't vandalized or trashed. Just ask me to allow you into the collab, and I most certainly will!

    If the restrictions become too much of a problem, I will remove them.

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  • Postuhenin

    I'm sorry for the recent inactivity period I've been going through. I didn't really want to have a second hiatus, but a recent lack of motivation to do anything, as well as some unexplained ban of my IP address (I'm using a VPN as I write this), have kept me from really doing anything on this website.

    I'm sorry that I've been so lazy lately, and I'll try my best to up my activity around here.

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