• Imjustthere

    I've got a question

    July 26, 2019 by Imjustthere

    I haven't seen many people ask this question, but I find it a pretty interesting one.

    What's one Creepypasta that blew up that you never understood why it got popular. If i had to answer, I'd have to say Squidward's Suicide, since that's one of the most cliched stories to ever be posted on this website. But that's just my opinion, what do y'all think?

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  • Imjustthere

    I've Just Joined

    July 21, 2019 by Imjustthere


    As you can tell, i just wanna introduce myself, this is the first time i'm actually editing something other than my bio. I already have a story written, however, i haven't yet published it. I'm 13 years-old so y'all might not like, maybe you will, whatever happens happens. About me, if you're confused about my name, i'm from a foreign country (says which one in my bio). It's pronounced something like "Duh-Mah-Goy", but you can call me Bryan, or if you wanna, just by my username. Also, i've tried publishing my story, but it always sends an error message, even when i switch to the correct editor. If anyone can give me some pointers it'd be nice, just asking. Anyways that's it, i look forward to meeting people on here and contributing t…

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  • Seth Taylor1990

    Hello. My name is Seth, obviously, and I just wanted to introduce myself. I just recently discovered this site and it seems like a place I might like to hang out. I love everything horror, especially short horror. My favorite horror writer is probably Lovecraft, but I also love Poe and many others. Hopefully I don't do anything wrong, but if I do, someone please let me know.

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  • AnEldritchHat

    Pale Reflections

    July 18, 2019 by AnEldritchHat


    You stand in a grassy clearing while the moon shines down upon the uneven forest floor, dirt still staining the hand which bears your shovel. You sit alone, a computer processor running basic with a text parser blinking before your eyes, prompting you to make your next move. You lean forward in the desk chair in front of your family computer, chills rolling down your spine as you read the last lines of the story. The classic creepypasta Pale Luna plants all of these images in your head, simply the recollection of your first experience reading it and acquainting yourself with the genre.

    These are my memories, but it is the power of the written word that can convey something so personal through mere implication, and th…

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  • TerrariaBEAST64590

    I have come to the Creepypasta Wiki to edit after 5 discussions posts. Also, I HAVE COME TO SCARE AND BE SCARED AS THIS IS CREEPYPASTA.

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  • ArmadillooftheAges

    So lately, I've been reading up on prisoners who have been condemned to death and part of the death row process is to grant the convict a last meal. People often make the mistake of believing that the state is required to give the condemned a last meal, but that's not the case. It's both a privilege and tradition, not a right. From what I've read online, last meals began in medieval Europe where granting a prisoner some food before they were executed was to reflect the Last Supper of Jesus Christ and his disciples in the New Testament. It also acts as a sort of convenant of peace between the executed and the state i.e. the executioners know they're about to take the life of the criminal, but as an act of mercy, they supply them with any fo…

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  • The Creature Under Your Bed

    What is the best creepypasta of 2018 in your opinion.

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  • HumboldtLycanthrope

    Howdy ho! 

    Check this out, one of the first pastas I ever wrote The Abalone Thief is going to be in the anthology DARK TIDES with Neil Gaiman, Richard Chizmar, Ray Garton, Lisa Morton and a whole bunch of other "top names in the horror community"!

    Pretty excited. This is the second anthology with Richard Chizmar I'm going to be in.

    This is a charity anthology for the victims of the Virginia Beach shooting, so I'm not getting paid for this one, but it's still an honor and a great cause to support.

    Pretty cool, huh?

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  • BenFugman

    Forenzik VISA

    July 16, 2019 by BenFugman

    I don't know what you see when you look at the new VISA Crypto card logo, but to me it looks like a dust mask with two big cylinders, much like the one worn by Forenzik F. Fornzik. But that's not what I came to talk about, I came to open up a general discussion with this fandom community concerning crypto-currency in general. The idea is an intriguing one, that people are using them dor transactions with wicjed consequences is not in doubt, but that will ve the case with any form of currency won't it?

    For my part, I have never even considdered investing in crypto-currency, specifically because it is not real money, it is not backed by any substnce or rhe authority of any nation in the physical world. Al that has to happen is a crypto-curren…

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  • Loldude420

    I thought it was good, but, it was very cliché.

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