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    Welcome one and all to the Random Writer's Showcase. I apologize for frightening you, friends. But as you can see, I am a ghost.

    In this series, we perform a deep analysis on the selected works of a lesser known author on the wiki, with the goal of discovering what meaning might be able to found there. This special Halloween installment will revolve around the work of Diexilius . Despite being with us since 2014, and accumulating a not-insignificant 3,278 edits since that time, Diex has only two stories, of which we will be discussing all of them.

    Last time we showcased Kolpik, you can read that showcase here.

    We will be reviewing Diexilius' entire released catalogue (two works), so if you have the time or motivation to read both this blo…

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  • Rockruff59

    Enter the Jester

    October 29, 2019 by Rockruff59

    I've always wanted to write a pasta. Never could work up the courage. Well, here we go!

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  • Evemetalchick


    October 26, 2019 by Evemetalchick

    I read this story about 3 years ago cause it was right when I became a fan of My Little Pony; what I didn't expect was for Pinkie pie to be a crazed killer that will turn her victims to cupcakes. This is truly my favorite creepypasta for so many reasons and I can never stop praising it

    Plot: The plot revolves around Pinkie Pie and her brutal ways of torturing her best friend Rainbow Dash. The plot is very simple and may seem boring; what you don't expect is how it tugs on your heartstrings and mess with your mind. True fans of MLP know how bizarre it is for someone like Pinkie Pie to kill her friend as well as many other ponies before Rainbow Dash, so it makes the story more interesting and scary.

    Character(s): The only two characters that a…

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  • MissBlind

    You chose yes!

    October 25, 2019 by MissBlind

    You chose yes, so here's a bit about myself.

    My name is Kari, I'm just a girl who enjoys being on the internet. I'm more into the 'weird' side of the internet. I mainly enjoy going on weird websites like 4chan, Reddit, SaidIt, and Raddle. You know, websites full of communities. Mainly 4chan because it's anonymous and FULL of mysteries. Hell, I was even a part of some ARG's in the past, like The Black Watchmen, Afterbirth, and Oxenfree. If you don't know about these, just look them up.

    I'm known to be very introverted, considering half of my life is on the internet. My hobbies are puzzles, reading, and watching TV. I love watching videos on YouTube as well. Some of my favorite channels are:

    • Let's Read!:entertaining horror stories
    • Night Mind:myst…
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  • Laurenataylor

    random stuff

    October 24, 2019 by Laurenataylor

    hey guys, im lauren taylor im also,13 years old. im glad to join creepypasta fandom, i loved creepypasta for years and i haven't thought of joining till now. so i hope we can talk and be friends. i'll be posting random stuff most the time, i'll be taking ideas too. love ya guys

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    Has anyone else here seen a video on YouTube entitled simply, "1444"? It came out less than a week ago, and already, it's burning up on the Internet!

    The video itself is of a guy, a former Spanish YouTuber, putting a shotgun to his head. Then he pulls the trigger, and all of a sudden, we watch very gruesome footage of his head exploding, brain matter and gore going everywhere.

    I've heard plenty of "creepy"pastas about this kind of thing, but I never, ever thought I'd see something like this in real life!

    It stil hasn't made the big news yet, like ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, and FOX, but then again, it is still a fairly new video.

    But the worst part of it is that the suicide that happened on camera was completely real. That dude did commit suicide, and some …

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  • Gomez Capulet

    I haven't ranked my pastas  in awhile so I figured I'd do an updated list. You can take the top  ten or so as suggest reading if you're into my style. 

    22. The Basilisk Queen

    21. The Diabolesc

    20. The Apocalypse Flies

    19. The Things Behind the Door

    18. Take a Penny

    17. World Peace

    16. The Savages

    15. Fish Food

    14. The Staring Game

    13. A God Fearing Man

    12. The Kissing Bug

    11. Twisted Metal Love

    10. Uncaged

    9. Something to Chew On

    8. Spicy Spirit Rolls

    7. Runaways

    6. Very Sweet Dreams

    5. Doug's Salvation

    4. Bad Night Out

    3. Held in Captivity

    2. Support Group

    1. Tremble

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  • Kiiwiix

    Okay so um..

    October 20, 2019 by Kiiwiix

    I was watching this interview about these two girls who stabbed their friend 19 times, due to their dedication to Slenderman. They read THAT story on THIS website. They mentioned it in their interview. im just kinda shook idk

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  • Fairypunc

    I don't understand.

    October 19, 2019 by Fairypunc


    Just earlier I got banned (3hr) for no absolutely no reason. There's a thing on the guide where I have to fix (or edit) some poorly written pastas, and the mods decided to ban me for "vandalism".

    Likes, what was I doing wrong? Do I have to be a mod or a special user in order to do that? What is even the point of it?

    Edit: This post may cause a lot of contronversy, and I am aware of that.

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  • TheWolfWorshipper

    Ok... so.... I’m not a particularly great or creepy horror writer, but I like writing creepy stories, and I hope I can get some feedback on writing! I’m also a budding artist, the type of animal I like to draw is in my name... I have found a ritual with a creepy past... so I’m gonna post that soon... Watch out for it!

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