• Perturbed Maverick

    In an effort to strengthen the relationships between the Founders/Administrators of every wiki in creative horror genre, I have decided to create a governing body to maintain order and avoid any all forms of tyranny/abuse of power...I call it The Supreme Council, A Committee lead by the heads of The Creepypasta Wiki, Spinpasta Wiki, Badpasta Wiki, The Scare-Factor Wiki, The Horror Network Wiki, and The Flamin Tales Wiki...I invite you all, the bosses of all 7 Wiki's to join. We will be discussing various plans/ideas, regarding our wikia's. Any problems that you may have, will be reported to the Supreme Council, where we will host a meeting to discuss the ways in which we can solve those problems, along which steps to take in order to avoid…

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  • RazerX172

    Requesting help

    October 14, 2019 by RazerX172

    I was wandering what to do here. Can some people tell me what I can do here, and other stuff to?

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  • InactiveStoryteller

    I quit

    October 14, 2019 by InactiveStoryteller

    I quit making stories. I cant make good ones

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  • Michalthecoolguy123

    Powerpal52 and Bill9929 are some guys when these guys tried to be a admin but fails....and they got blocked, nothing special.

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  • Fairypunc


    October 13, 2019 by Fairypunc

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to post this here just so I could get some advice of how a good Creepypasta should be like. Like, should there be some parts of a story that should feel realistic or anything scary? (I don't want to go any deeper since I am still planning for a story, see ya.)

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  • Soulz Studios

    Narration requests

    October 12, 2019 by Soulz Studios

    This post will list all my requested story narrations that you guys and gals will be able to narrate, please link the story in the description of the narration as well as credit me Soulz Studios.

    Thats all of them for now if you narrate one of the stories then il narrate one of yours, link your narration in the comments bellow.

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  • Mister Freakman

    By going to Oskarshamn, Sweden, and taking a specific bus at 3:04 PM, while thinking about what you desire, and afterwards pass out before arriving at the E22 route, you will wake up in a village called Fårbo. Afterwards, you need to get off the bus without looking at the Bus Driver, drop all your belongings, and hide in a bin.

    At this point, you'll end up in Limbo version of Fårbo. You'll see an old, abandoned building, once the coast is clear, get out of the bin, and charge back to route E22. After you return to route E22, you will spot an old green home. Go inside the house, and shut the door. If you've done everything correctly at this point, you should see a circle of candles. Sit inside the circle, turn on the television inside the ro…

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  • Teller of derpiness

    Good God

    October 12, 2019 by Teller of derpiness

    Welp, this is absolutely insane.  I made this account while going through my creepypasta phase in 2013 and I honestly wish I could find the story that I wrote to find out how terrible it is.  I was just combing through old passwords and found this account and wondered if this was still up and it is!  Well, I was in 7th grade when I made this thing, and now I'm a freshman in college.  Kinda odd, isn't it?  Weird... Well, I don't really know what to say but I guess I'll keep this up in the mean time.


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  • RazerX172

    What would you choose?

    October 11, 2019 by RazerX172

    Okay so, I am new here, and I had two creppy incounters. So, should I do my Sonic.EXE incounter or my Mario incounter? Talk to me and thank you.

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  • DrBobSmith

    Dear Natures Temper,

    I very much admire your narrations. In fact, your narrations are the reason I started in CreepyPasta. Recently, you put up a video where you said that the magic seemed to be gone. What can we do as authors to put some of the magic back?

    We know you visit this site because of how many stories from here that you narrate. You've even done two of mine. What makes the difference to you between stories you feel really excited about and ones that just don't quite make it? There are many talented writers on this site who love your work and would work hard to create for you.

    Thank you.

    Dr. Bob Smith

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