• Mmandator

    My Contributions

    July 12, 2011 by Mmandator


    Have the pastas I added to this wiki been good so far?

    Just wondering.

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  • Chaos977

    Just saying "hi"

    July 12, 2011 by Chaos977

    Hey, guess what? If you read my page you know. None of you are safe. Watch me, and maybe you'll learn just what your fate is.

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  • XMechanicalXSpaceghost

    It has always worried me. tormented . Burned. It has scared me all my life and I try so hard to avoid it. Abandonment. Being left somewhere forever by my self. Trapped. Condemned to be alone, without the ones you love. Decay in silence. Corrupted is this thinking but I cant seem to get rid of it. Everyday I make him promise he will never leave me. I know it scares him but I have to be sure. Cant break a promise. If I end up alone it shall be the end.

    "You never have to worry about that, I always come back don't i? "

    I start to get worried again... "you didn't say you love me.." I felt tears pricking the corners of my eyes.

    "I don't need to, you already know. " he smiled, which made me smile.

    "Come back soon"

    "Ill try, I love you."

    " I love you t…

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  • RetardoTheMagnificent

    I know I'm not the first person to suggest this (far from it), but alot of pastas here just aren't that good; I'm looking at you Troll & Video Game Pastas. If an admin could designate some sort of quality control team to do some work around the site, I think it'd keep the quality of pastas in the aforementioned sections a whole lot better.

    To go along with that, some sort of "official" pasta rating system would be nice. Examples like:

    • The SCP Wiki , which has a + and - number system to rate articles.
    • Inunah's Creepypasta blog, standard 5 stars.
    • Creepypasta Index , also 5 stats.

    ...could potentially influence some sort of ratings system here on the wiki. I'm not entirely sure how much control an admin has over the inner-workings of the wiki, bu…

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  • Bearycool

    Is it Me?

    July 9, 2011 by Bearycool

    Or are a lot of the "zelda" articles not categorized in the videogame section also? I mean, doesn't it make since to do that for a zelda game?

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  • AllenJacoby


    July 8, 2011 by AllenJacoby

    See here:

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  • Bearycool

    I really can't believe I haven't joined untul today... Oh sure, lurking and reading works of writing is all fun, but it does get boring after a bit... Anyway, I do have a creepypasta that I believe hasn't been posted on here, but I will check and stuff, and I guess I should add my OC, but meh...

    Anyway, candy, free toys, etc. Hope you all have a nice day!

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  • EpicosityAdmins


    July 7, 2011 by EpicosityAdmins


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  • Ischmael Dugong

    Believe me people, i have seen things out of the corner of my eyes. just bits and fragments, but one sticks out of my mind, i tell you its true, im an honest man, so i speak the truth

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  • Mr.Zalgopasta

    Sup all?!

    Who here's into the band The Faceless? Just wondering. If you've never heard of them they are a technical death metal band. Here's a link for their song "Sons of Belial" v=fxTaAmlFVfs&feature=related and "Planetary Duality 1 & 2" Tell me what you guys think. They aren't very mainstream so I'm trying to get the word out.


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