Linkstar Linkstar 28 July 2011

What a day. Probably my worst ever.

I just had the worst day of my life. Yesterday my big bro came by with a 12 pack of beer and a few slasher flicks (a tradition of ours). So he drinks 10 and lets me drink the last two. He passes out face down. I'm feeling a little tired and decide to get some z's. I set my alarm at 11 am and let mr sandman take me away. So my alarm clock wakes me up to do my daily schedule. I stumble out of bed to go take a shower and tripped over a empty beer bottle, and landed face first on my still passed out bro! He does what he always does when i piss him off and punches me in the balls! After the nut punching incident i go and take a shower.Slowly i turn on my water and guess what happens next. The fucking shower head flies of and nails me in the fu…

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StevieG123 StevieG123 28 July 2011

Hey Guys.

Im new on here and I need some help forming an idea for a pasta. Ok so my house is haunted and I was going to make a story based around that like my little brother has dreams of him getting choked then wakes up still feeling someone choking him. and a little girl mu cuz keeps seeing and alot of more things. I just need some help so this dosnt become a steaming pile of crap. I mean is this even a good idea?

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StevieG123 StevieG123 28 July 2011

Cooking some Creepypasta.

I am forming an idea for a creepypasta. Its ether going to be a tape someone finds in the garbage or a ghost haunting that is actually based off of my house.

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Mr.Zalgopasta Mr.Zalgopasta 27 July 2011

Weird Coincidences?

Hello my many minions!

So I just had two of the most random things happen today! Firstly when I was surfing the web I was suddenly filled with the urge to listen to the Lavender Town Syndrome music but whenever I'd click the link my speakers would get all messed up. It took a good 15ish times for the audio to finally come in right. That was cool :P. However after getting through about 7 minutes then getting bored... I decided to look on /x/ for one of my favorite realpastas (the one with the spectograph picture of the orange person screaming with black holes for eyes and mouth [I'll put a picture in] that whenever you open the picture in notepad it says "findmefindmefindme"ect.) Well I found it on /x/ and as soon as I open the picture in n…

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MellowSquash MellowSquash 27 July 2011

Do you think that the Slenderman is real?

i really have no idea but it's just that everytime i turn off my lights and go to bed, i sense someone out there, looking at me, watching my every move.

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KalashnikovKenyon KalashnikovKenyon 27 July 2011

I love this Site!

I've only just been introduced to CreepyPastas and i love them, i've really enjoyed reading some of the articles and i've even submitted my own!

  • DreamScape It's not great but it's based off a true experience i've had.

I've only read of Handful but the ones i've read have been great, one imparticular *Smile Dog left me very unnerved at one point, the story was good and the pictures were to match.

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Reclaimer137 Reclaimer137 27 July 2011

Xbox live

If you want to speak to me or just have a good time... (That came out wrong, didn't it?) Anyways, you can add me as a friend on Xbox live. My Gamertag is Reclaimer137.

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MrAssassin MrAssassin 27 July 2011

The Sky Is Blue

Hello If you are here it's either because your trying to find more info out of like a pervert or you have read my home page about my movies, or maybe something else who knows.

well anyway just in case you havn't found out yet i make movies i started a while ago like 5 years ago and have been having great fun making them, although to be a good producer you can't always choose your friends to be in the movie and i have had no choice but to bring my enemies into them. Some of them have genre's of horror, adventure/action, animation musicals and drama.

Some of tHem however never made it in like Indiana Jones And The Tomb Of Ice, Creature corner and Dunes.

My latest movie is The Solanum Vile it is about how a student of college cambell, finds a way of…

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Wadster97 Wadster97 26 July 2011


i am not "new" to the internet, i know my meme's and i in general just know computers. however, 4chan is a very confusing site. could someone please explain to me on how to use it...?

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Raidenist Raidenist 24 July 2011

Has anyone on this wiki experienced anything paranormal in their lives?

From Ghosts to Extraterrestrials. Anything that you didn't make up. Honestly.....HONESTLY!!!!!!!!!!! WOAAAAAAAAR!!!!!

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