Raidenist Raidenist 24 July 2011

Has anyone on this wiki experienced anything paranormal in their lives?

From Ghosts to Extraterrestrials. Anything that you didn't make up. Honestly.....HONESTLY!!!!!!!!!!! WOAAAAAAAAR!!!!!

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Spikeyxashe Spikeyxashe 24 July 2011

What's with all the categories?

i mean, categories are... er... categories, right? not tags. why do i keep seeing people adding "dog" or "sex" or "condom" and other shit on the categories?

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Dronian Dronian 24 July 2011

Trollpasta Wiki

Please, for the love of FUCK, put your trollpastas in here.

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RetardoTheMagnificent RetardoTheMagnificent 23 July 2011

My two cent on Video Game pastas

FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU - Title's messed up, *cents. Hello there, I didn't see you come in. How about I tell you what my opinions are on video game pastas? Alright? Great!

Before I begin, I do realize there are good, and sometimes quite excellent, video game related pastas out there. These include Jvk1166z.esp, Ben Drowned, and Polybius .

Now onto the matter at hand. Video Game pastas have been getting dull. When authors have started resorting to children's racing games, TV show tie-in games, more childrens racing games, and ROBLOX (just search that shit), it's tough to think of them as anything but horrible troll pastas. The stories are generally carbon copies of one another as well:

"I was looking around at a yard sale/on a P2P site when a real…

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PenkoBell PenkoBell 23 July 2011

I keep seeing Heron on my vacation.

So we come into Ontario, and there's Blue Heron Resort.

Then near the cottage I'm staying at, there's Blue Heron Golf and Country Club.

Then today, two heron fly by when we go out on the boat.

Is this a sign? I'm really not prepared to spend tomorrow morning cleaning pots and pans off the floor.

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ClericofMadness ClericofMadness 23 July 2011

Hear That Sound?

It's the sound of Unkie coming home, with his belt and vacuum cleaner. Time to clean up and whup ass.

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MellowSquash MellowSquash 22 July 2011

How Many Pokemon Creepy Pastas Can There Be?

i honestly think that pokemon developers will do this until they run out of ideas but hey. its your opinion too

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Wadster97 Wadster97 21 July 2011

A true story. (NSFW)

hey guys, i remembered about a real true story, about a man who, well actually can read it here ->

so i decided to make a short pasta about him. spread it around!

it is very gruesome. please be aware.


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Sloshedtrain Sloshedtrain 21 July 2011

New category

A thought came to me shouldn't be a category for Urban Legends. Does anyone agree or disagree.

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Mr.Zalgopasta Mr.Zalgopasta 21 July 2011

So is Insidious as scary as everyone says?

Sup all?! The title says it all. I hear it's insanely scary but I'm weary because it came from the people who worked on Paranormal Activity (that inexcusable piece of shit of a movie) and Saw (which wasn't scary... just gory). I just wanted to know if you've seen it (which helps a lot :P) and if you have... is it as scary as everyone says cause I just don't quite believe people when they say it's really scary. I think I can trust you guys though XD

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