Ischmael Dugong Ischmael Dugong 7 July 2011

things i have seen

Believe me people, i have seen things out of the corner of my eyes. just bits and fragments, but one sticks out of my mind, i tell you its true, im an honest man, so i speak the truth

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Mr.Zalgopasta Mr.Zalgopasta 7 July 2011

So who's heard of The Faceless?

Sup all?!

Who here's into the band The Faceless? Just wondering. If you've never heard of them they are a technical death metal band. Here's a link for their song "Sons of Belial" v=fxTaAmlFVfs&feature=related and "Planetary Duality 1 & 2" Tell me what you guys think. They aren't very mainstream so I'm trying to get the word out.


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Kristjankalev Kristjankalev 7 July 2011

A decent blog entry.


I have decided to create something... creepypasta-ish. I don't know, if it should be a game, a movie or anything else. Feel free to leave your opinion as a comment! Thank you for checking my blog out!

Kristjankalev 19:48, July 7, 2011 (UTC)

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Kristjankalev Kristjankalev 7 July 2011


Well, today was a great day!

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Spikeyxashe Spikeyxashe 7 July 2011

my poor printer...

My poor printer died today. I will mourn him. (I named him Freddie.)

Freddie was a cheap HP one. He came free with my laptop. I don't care what my brother says about Freddie. He's my printer and I love him.

This morning, for some reason, Freddie wouldn't print any of my files anymore. But I really needed to print me and Spikey's 20-page long ECE Assignment. I tried everything. I reinstalled it, reset the pc and the printer, hit it. But I realized that Freddie needed to be laid to rest now. So I put him in his final resting place (a cardboard box covered in lavender paper) and I'll be selling him to a junkshop maybe tomorrow.

RIP Freddie the Printer

You will be missed.

Love, Ashie

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ToonSilver7890 ToonSilver7890 5 July 2011

July 4th, 2011

Yay, I made my first creepypasta. Not so creepy.


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Mario1999562 Mario1999562 3 July 2011

LSD: Dream Emulator UPDATE

You know that site, Well, I found a website some-what similiar to this. It's called:

This site is NOT made by me, and I repeat NOT

P.S. I accidently put my update in the topics, not the blogposts D:

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BenNasty BenNasty 3 July 2011

My Crappy Job

Hello my lovely children! I am sitting here, waiting for the last couple of hours of my graveyard shift to end at this super shitty motel I am working at yet again. I REALLY need to find something new and more enjoyable for money, but for now, this will pay for my rent, car, motorcycle...and everything else I decided I HAD to buy as soon as I got back into the real world lol. One benefit of the job....I will have plenty of time to be on the site. That's right, I have FINALLY found some legit time to get online and take care of all of the fun stuff involved with this site. Thank God...or whatever lol. Mommy loves you all.

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RetardoTheMagnificent RetardoTheMagnificent 3 July 2011

Community Creepypasta

While pressing random page a bunch, I came across a failed attempt. Does anyone want to try it again?

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Mr.Zalgopasta Mr.Zalgopasta 3 July 2011

The pain -.-

Hey guys *major sad face*

I'm not normaly the one to start a pity party... but oh well. So, I was just finishing writing another pasta and guess what... my finger slips and I accidentally hit escape! YAY! I just want to know... is there a way to retrieve unfinished pastas that have fallen victim to a literary abortion?

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