BenNasty BenNasty 21 June 2011

Good to be back

Hello my Wiki children. I'm back from my little break from the world and should be able to log on more frequently now. YAY!!! Now that I'm back in the real world, I will have some other stuff going on like work, planning a wedding and other such things but don't think I'm going to let any of the trolling, drama, or other bs slip through the cracks...I will still punish to the fullest extent if you mess with me muahahahahaha. I love you all.

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Wadster97 Wadster97 20 June 2011

First blog

im begginning my creepy pasta interest here :)

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Alex.peck3 Alex.peck3 19 June 2011


I've been told since the beginning of my school life, that i'm a very talented writer, if you have any suggestions you woul like me to write about, just ask!


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Playon997 Playon997 17 June 2011


sup. feel free to use this area for free talk among yourselves. I just read the articles.

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Way To Dawn Way To Dawn 13 June 2011

Scary sights

I've seen alot of scary buildings but i want something different to imagin to mix in with a story i want to create.

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StabbyStab StabbyStab 12 June 2011

Pasta Quality

The overall quality of pastas on the wiki has dropped sharply since I was here last, with a lot more crap and fewer gems.

We (Admins, but regular users we trust can help too) need to start rating the pastas on a scale of 1-10 and taking the resulting average to deal with the page.

1-4: Deletion

4-6: Take out of all other categories, move into the "Work in progress" Category

7-9: Leave it as it is now

10: Add to legendary category

Thoughts? This should help the overall quality rise back up to acceptable levels.

StabbyStab 14:51, June 12, 2011 (UTC)

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Spikeyxashe Spikeyxashe 12 June 2011

things that can only be found in the Philippines(i think)

Spikey here. Lemme share something. There are some things that i think can be only be found at the Philippines.

1. Tabo- a small water container with a handle used for taking a bath.

2. Jeepney- a passenger utility vehicle that is a remodeled version of a jeep. It is often designed glamorously. They as many passengers they can cram in.

3. Conductors- bus employees who collect fare from passengers.

4. Texting- Philippines is i think the current #1 texting country. They dont like calling, just texting. You can even have hook-ups because of texting here. You can also replace the sim without having to replace the phone, because phones and other electronics are pretty expensive here.

Please forgive my grammar, haha. Im a natural troll. Watch out for…

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Dronian Dronian 12 June 2011

Project Bluebombs

"Project Bluebombs" is a game I am making with the Unreal Development Kit.

I have no official name for it yet, or a true, final plot. I just have little bits and bobs of short stories that will go into it.

I need ideas to finalize the plot. And I need voiceactors.

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Spikeyxashe Spikeyxashe 10 June 2011

a note on my creepypasta

hey, spikey here.

my first computer-related creepypasta, Warp Virus, didnt really go well in my opinion. so i took another shot at making a better computer pasta. i hope you like it, and in case you dont, please criticize.

here's the link: Someone In Black.

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PenkoBell PenkoBell 10 June 2011

Aaaaagh screw this.

I have a Drama 30 project to do. (I'm writing a play!) Someone do me a favour and ban Atomicsneakers for repeated trolling, erasing pages and user harassment.

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