ClericofMadness ClericofMadness 27 February 2011

Rules update


  • No unfinished pastas. If you post one, and we catch it, you will have about a week or so to finish it before it gets removed. We're not pastebin
  • Don't create wikidrama
  • Pointsgaming (that is posting solely for the achievements) is discouraged, however if it it a valuable contribution go ahead, earn some points.
  • Don't troll the users, if you're going to troll make it into a pasta and add it to the Horrible Troll Pasta category.
  • GIF images are allowed in the Creepy Images gallery, but screamers ARE NOT. Posting a screamer there is a WEEK BAN. No exceptions. You get one week per screamer.
  • OC is valuable, please contribute as much as you may have.
  • When uploading a story, please edit all sections and add all your categories at once.
  • Please do not …

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ClericofMadness ClericofMadness 23 February 2011

Freaky Childhood Stuff

I mentioned in Ben's dreamblog about a freaky dream I had as a child. Here are some other crazy things that happened in Preschool up to 2nd Grade:

  • There were two little African-American identical twins, both with a nub for one hand. Shit was freaky as a child.
  • I think I also 'accidentally' pushed someone off a slide...he claimed he fell, so I don't know. I think it messed him up. Should feel bad, man, but I can't remember if it was an accident or he just fell, my memory is to hazy about that.
  • I was stung as a child at Preschool, and had an intense fear of flying insects for years. Punching bumble bees cured that fear for me. They are cowards, so easy to get revenge.
  • I remember my mother talking about losing a child. She had miscarried a…

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Croshius Croshius 23 February 2011

Wow, this wiki is addicting...

Just last day I joined, and already I love it!

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XanCrews XanCrews 23 February 2011

These swedish fish...

They taste like shampoo... but for some reason I can't stop eating them.

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ClericofMadness ClericofMadness 23 February 2011

White-Screen Exception Message

Some of you may notice a strange page pops up repeatedly on some or all pages on the wiki. This is a global wikia problem as best I can tell. Wookiepedia and Uncyclopedia are some of the big wikis and they are being hit with the errors as well.

Just thought I would let you all know what was going on with the errors, because I know I sure wanted to know. A good CTRL+F5 or two might be able to get you past them.

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BenNasty BenNasty 13 February 2011

To my loyal readers... I even have a loyal group reading the crap I post on here?

  • No dumbass, all your stories SUCK*

Who asked you, you prick!

  • You did...not like you had an intended recipient for that question and I'm the only other one here*


Sorry folks...the crazy got out for a second there...anyway, sorry i've been away for so long. Had a bunch of different stuff come up but i'm back now and better than ever!

  • are not, you still suck*

Oh crap!...

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ClericofMadness ClericofMadness 11 February 2011

So You Want To Be An Admin?

1) Um...Don't vandalize, don't have any warnings/notifications on record. I've started to post warnings on pages so there is proof for ALL TIME.

2) POST GOOD CONTENT. Don't be the guy that posts literally over nine thousand of the crappy DURR AND THEN A SKELTUN POOPED OUT stories. Horrible Troll Pasta is a good category for ESTABLISHED crappy stories. It is not for people to crap out something that a two year old could beat in a writing contest for shits'n'giggles.

3) Don't pointsgame, which means don't create an article, publish it, then add one category, save, add another, runs your edit count up and spams the Recent Edits page with useless edits. If you want to be e-famous, why not become well-known by making valuable edits and …

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XenoDeath888 XenoDeath888 28 January 2011


Well, the hell girl thing has died down thankfully. This shit has been creepin me the hell out for these past couple weeks, but the sort of eerie aura that has been looming over everyone has died down, im hoping it was just a mass suggestion thing, my friends blame this all on me, i guess i deserve it though lol

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Raidenist Raidenist 28 December 2010

How many people do you know who ran for president?

I know quite a few, such as Mr.T! Fuck knows!

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BenNasty BenNasty 27 December 2010

My Nightmares

I've decided that my insanity could be useful in the creativity of others. That being said...I'm going to copy the brief recollections from my nightmares into this blog. We'll see what kinds of stories come out of this I suppose and maybe it'll help me out too. Only one way to find out I suppose...


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