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"My grandfather always tell me that story when I was a kid!!!"says Sam to his friends Jacob and Peter, "Aww come on like we would believe that's true its might be only some legends"tell him one of the boys walking to graveyards, "Yeah its a legend right?"asking the second friend. "Guys I am not kidding you we should go to the graveyards you might see it"Says Sam to his friends as they still walking in the street, the boys were passing the gate of the cemetery and all the graves were light by the moon and the three of them seeing a tomb that don't have a names on it, "See that's what my grandpa said it have no name on it,"Replied their friend. The three boys look at the grave carefully in disbelief as Sam tell them "Can I tell you what happen to him!!!" as his nods at him, all of them get around the grave ans was about to listen to the story that was about to be told, everything was silent and the night was very cold. So, just before telling the story the three boys sit in front of the tombstone then Sam begin his story to his friends, because they really want to know what happen at that time when that boy was again alive, he takes a deep breath and then speak about the past of that young man.

"His name was maxence" say the teen to them, Jacob look at him and then says"What kind of person was he?" as he waited for an answer from his friend, "He was a french-canadian man" says Sam to him still look at the grave without a name on it.

His other friend says"Then what happen to him???" curious about the rest of the story, "Well he was the son of two farmers around the area, he was loved by everyone except Hezekai who was his family friend" reply Sam to continue his story about what he has heard from others and his grandfather.

Then Peter say "Do he did something to him?" because he wanted to know more just like his other friend, "At first Hezekai did nothing to Maxence, but later he will because he then go to this cemetary with him and decicide to bury him alive"says Sam to scare his friends who look shocked.

After the story Sam have a idea and wanted to know if it will work because he wanted to call the death guy, "In the legend if you call his name fiive time he will appear"says Sam to them the two others look scared because they do not want some kind of monster going out the ground.

Unfortunately for them Sam wanted to see if the legend was true, "We should do it guys, don't bescare okay"said the boy to them sure that they will not run away in fear that something bad will happen.

They then says the words of the ritual for calling the death person "The souls Snathers,The Souls Snatcher,The Souls Snatcher,The Souls Snather,The Souls snatcher" they see nothing happen and with disappointement they all about to leave the cemetary.

Then they heard a noise like someone want to get out they all turn around to see a skeleton hand came out the tomb, the boys scream as the monster finally show up out his grave and see in his left hand a knife that was left with him while his family bury him, "It cannot be real!" says Peter to the two others as they try to hide with the creature still after them.

They then heard footstep of the monster coming more closer has he still silent and cannot speak anymore, terrified the boys try to stay calm and wanted to find a way to leave without being seen by him.

The monster heard their breathing despite not being human anymore he found them, the boys try to run unfortunately The Souls Snatcher was more faster and stabbed them with his knife and put them in some coffin and bury them while they are still unconscious.

Sam then open his eyes and realise he is inside a coffin and panicked, "Help is someone hear me, let me ou of there" says the boy knowing his friends are in the same position as him he cotinue to scream and punch the coffin until he cannot gasp for air and slowly died nobody know what happen to him and his friends just like The Souls snather.

Of course, if you try that ritual and awoke that creature you can be sure it will be you're it is the last time people will see you alive, nobody will save you and hear you scream.

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