The Wiki Costume Contest has ben concluded! Winners and runners-up can be viewed here

Welcome to the wiki costume contest announcement post!

After talking with DubiousDugong, we’ve decided to start a little project for October to allow some of the more creative and artistic users to submit their costumes/cosplays from their favorite horror/sci-fi movies, literature, t.v. shows. At the end of submissions, a select few will be announced winners and could have their submissions entered into the Nightmare Fuel section and gain bragging rights/renown.

Let’s start with the rules first: (Hooray???)

  • Costumes from creepypasta-based characters (Like Jeff the Killer, Laughing Jack, Slenderman, and others) will not be part of the contest as if they are allowed, the contest will be swamped with too many photos of them that it would be impossible to differentiate between them and appropriately select a winner.
  • Submissions must be your own. No looking up photos that you didn’t make and submitting them. I’m not going to ask for proof or authenticity or anything like that, just putting you all to an honor code.
  • No store-bought costumes, you can buy items and make-up to accentuate your design; just not a store-bought costume that requires zero effort.
  • No sabotaging or removing other people’s submissions from the submission page. (That one should be fairly obvious.)

So what does that leave for you to dress up as? You can use this as an opportunity to show off your skillz (I hear that’s how you kids write it.) and dress up as your favorite literary or cinematic monster/murderer/maniac.

Here are the time constraints. We will start accepting submissions October 18th, 2014 and we will close the submissions November 1st, 2014. Depending on how many submissions we have, the judges could be done in a few days or a week.

Onto the judges: we will need to elect some people to select five or ten costumes and from there we can possible do a poll or leave it up to the judges. We can decide later on how to approach the judging process.

I’m making this post early so you all have time to plan. I will be entering the contest as well. (I will be excluding myself from the judging however for the sake of impartiality.) Feel free to comment below if you have some suggestions, want to nominate a judge (Nominations now closed.), or just have some unanswered questions. Best of luck to you all.

Update: Judges List (Closed)

BelowXero Votes for Noothgush
ClericofMadness Votes for Nyaomeimei
EmpyrealInvective Votes for Noothgush
Luigifan100 Votes for Noothgush
NommehZombies Votes for Noothgush
Seraph of Flame Votes for Nyaomeimei

Update: How to enter contest submissions

Rather than make a second page for entries, we will be using this forum post as a means for submitting your entries. The period for submissions will begin Oct. 18th and will close Nov. 1st. Note that any submissions before or after those dates will be removed and disqualified.

To enter:

  • Simply attach one to three photos of your costume in a comment below. (Do not add more than three photos as it will clutter up up the page.)
  • List the costume character/give a brief explanation if it is original. (Keep in mind that creepypasta character costumes are still not eligible.)
  • You can comment on other people's costumes, but do not put your costume picture in a reply on another user's post. Each submission should be separate from other users so as to easily identify (and if need be, remove submissions that violate the rules set above)

Final Update: Submissions are now closed and we can begin voting. Please note that the winner of the community vote will receive one vote while each judge will also be able to select one costume. (Seven in total.) The costume with the most votes wins. The polls will close Nov. 6th and the winner will be announced Nov. 7th.

Side note to the judges: just put a comment below with your reasons for voting and they will be tallied up at the end.

Costume Voting

The poll was created at 21:24 on November 2, 2014, and so far 20 people voted.

Best of luck to you all and thank you for participating!

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