I have quite a long and complicated History of sorts, With maria. My opinion of her ranges from time to time but honestly, shes pretty cool. she has a similar since of humor As I do, and such. But. She has never really.. been a modest power holder, She tried to perma ban me at one time for less than minor socking, has instated rules and mods without asking anyone else about it, has fired mods (such as zyranne) For disagreeing about adding a rule again cunt, and recently, closed the chat down for little reason. Despite all this my opinion of her slightly Mixed. I like her as a person, and i think she has some sense (Only SOME) About being a administrator/bcrat but she has messed up. A LOT. I wanted to go in and just vote Neutral but the more i considered it, the more i've realized that honestly shes kind of.. bad at her job. So, after consideration. I must say that I. Support

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upon further consideration, and hearing maria explain herself some more. i was even further conflicted on the matter. So as i've thought about it, i've come to change my mind completely, and Oppose Oppose - As after hearing her address everything bad i had to say. I must simply accept that, She doesn't deserve a demotion, Now. She does need something however. a lecture, a mandation I do not know but I do know that while she has improved her social behavior towards the userbase in the chat, its still not perfect.

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