As was made pretty clear in the last thread, chat isn't going anywhere. But I do have a proposable alternative.

A temporary (NOTE THE WORD, TEMPORARY) shutdown of chat, at least one week but no more than 1 month. Chat users would, during this time, be encouraged to use the forums, participate in the Writer's Workshop, edit, write stories or guides, etc. If you need help, you may ask an admin to assist you.

During this time, the collection of Site Rules, excluding the Chat Rules, will be updated and hopefully raised from their severely outdated state.

Also, during this time, any threads asking about the chat will be answered by being directed to this thread and then immediately closed.

After the trial run is over, there would be new Chat Moderator prerequisites, with applications reopened. You will be required to be active on both the chat and the wiki for 2-3 months, have at least 150 edits with 125 edits on articles. Think about it this way: If every user who wanted to become a mod did that much, it would greatly help progress the wiki. Would it be harder to get mod? Yes. Is it needed? Yes. Should a person be given mod just for being in chat for a couple of months? No.

After the application, there will be trial run of modship supervised by an admin. This will be at least a week long.

During the chat shutdown, should this thread pass, you are greatly encouraged and in fact personally asked in this thread to in some way assist on the main site. After the shutdown, the same; you are still encouraged to help the main site.

Inb4 these arguments

Oppose Oppose - I like chat. It's fun! You shouldn't shut it down!

Obviously you did not read the word temporary. Do not be excessively stubborn as to not use the forums or help us. We have an off-topic board and can always use new content.

Oppose Oppose - The mods don't need site experience to run chat.

Well, no. I'll give you that. But as I said, it would help the site. If the site goes down, so does the chat. Would you rather be able to get mod by having fun but being mod for a very short time because the site gets abandoned, or would you rather help in order to get mod and actually be able to be a mod?

Oppose Oppose - Editing is optional. You want to edit, you do it.

Oh, so you would rather not help because someone else can do it? Don't be so lazy. Alot of you lot have said that this is the only way you're able to communicate. Well, then answer your community's call! Help us fix the site so that you can keep the way to communicate!

Oppose Oppose - Some of us don't know how to edit.

Duh. That's why I said ask an admin to assist. They will help.

You made clear that a permanent shutdown is out of the question. Don't be so stubborn as to not sacrafice chat for a week to a month at best to help the site that hosts it.

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