Oppose Oppose - Okay. This shit has to stop. and it has to stop right now. What happened the last time you tried to shut down chat temporarily? We left until it came back. We didn't edit more we didn't go to the forums more We didn't do anything we didn't do before because theres no POINT it doing so. Just because you take away something we like doesn't mean we have to do a thing that you want us to do, all that does is make us More likely to REFUSE To even make an Effort. All this causes is more problems, it causes site drama, it causes user count to lessen it causes Wiki Interest to Plummet. You know what a pass time of mine is that actually relates to the site is? I archive Pastas that are linked in chat onto my computer. I do this because I dislike things becomming Lost forever and destroyed even if the material is pointless and shitty. and i'm able to DO THIS because of the chat. Without chat this job would be impossible for me because i do not have patience to archieve every single damn thing instead of just random things linked in chat. And the simple fact that you repeatedly try to close chat down is not doing you any favours among the community, The chat is not Physically hurting you, the site, or anybody. Why do you insist on Closing it down like its some sort of irradiated hell hole akin to Chernobyl? Its frankly pointless. And also. The new chat mod prerequisites are absolutely Pointless and unneeded. Its a chat mod. Not an administrator. They have no juristdiction on editing so they should not have to be required to have article edits at all.

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