Xelrog T. Apocalypse wrote: I have no problem with the shutdown or that higher standards be placed on mod-ship, but I really don't think there's any obligation for a chat mod to be actively editing articles and be a prominent contributor on the wiki. That's not really related to the job, and is there really any risk of this site just disappearing due to lack of people editing articles? I certainly don't foresee one.

We need the people reading the articles on this site just as much as the ones editing them, and the most important things for a chat mod are that they are, one, responsible and generally able to handle disruptive behavior (and certainly not cause it), and two, active on the chat so that they actually accomplish this. Nothing to do with being a site editor. If that were their passion, they would apply for a main site staff position.

If I recall correctly, chat's doing just fine (well, not counting the drama that people complain about -- but enough of that). Main site needs all the help it could get, so if you can moderate a chat (god have mercy on your soul), you should at least have the decency to pick up after main too.

... Unless I read this the wrong way.

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