Nobody said anyone had to be on chat. It seems like the legislators can't regulate themselves.

@Slave: How will it affect editing in the sense that it will cause users to want to edit?

See, here's the thing. If chat is keeping from people who could edit from editing, why are they on chat? Either they want to chat or they want to edit. What you're doing is taking the option away. 

I see a ton of users who claim "Oh, this'll give me opportunities to edit more." And that's great! Except you've just admitted that your time could be better spent and you've had opportunities, you just chose to waste them chatting, and you're using the chat as an excuse for your irresponsibility. You're using other users lack of editing as a scapegoat.

Writing pages, sure. More users should be writing pages. How many actually edit? I know I don't often. To reiterate that point, Editing is full of pointsgamers and people who don't know what the hell they are doing. You are sending more people who don't know what the hell they are doing into the equation.

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