Now before anyone reads this, I want you to know I have gotten Maria's consent to post this thread.

There has been a lot of dispute over the banning of the word 'cunt'. Both sides have valid arguments; one being that it is derogatory to women, the other of course stating it is simply another word for the female genitalia. Since these are both correct shouldn't they be treated as such? I present to you with an idea. Why don't we treat as it it said. If it is said in a derogatory manner then it should be treated in such a way as it would be with any other slur. However if it is not why should the person using the term inocently be punished? I think it would be fair to let the users decide. Do you think it is bad hands down? Or do you think that if it isn't used in a bad way, how is it bad? I'll now tell you the meanings of the two differant contexts, and then give you a few examples.

The term 'cunt' is used as two differant meanings.

1. A derogatory term for women

2. A slang (not derogatory) term for the female genitalia


1. Derogatory: 'Man, that fucker was such a cunt'  or 'What a cunt'

2. Non-Derogatory: 'Cunt' or 'She had a nice cunt'

What are your thoughts?

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