Nihilus Nix Naught wrote: A concern that was just brought up right now.

I'd like to know why we weren't told that links were banned. Like, 2 mods knew about that, nobody else.

Same with the dick joke banning. I'm not one to use them as I find them childish to be excessively used in the first place, but there wasn't a rule change stating that they were banned completely. Not being informed by the sudden rule changes are, what Weaver said, a concern from users—and definitely confusing.

What I meant by having mod's discretion emphasized or explained is to give more clarity to the users, not to explain what a mod has to do. There was a debate about this that made it an issue that I wanted to point out, but it got miscommunicated and dragged on to a certain topic. That, and being not updated by the rules and having few moderators know about certain updates that aren't on the chat rules for us to see.

How to fix this? I've been saying this for a while: I think we should get the header back from last year. This time not for silly quotes like "'Forever Young. I wanna be forever young.' - Bill Clinton." We should get it back only for updates in the rules, that way we can avoid this confusion. People are on at different times; figuring out a rule has been updated the hard way would cause issues between those who don't like to get kicked or banned. Anyways, here's what I'm talking about with the "header"


Where it says "2spooky4me13 championship"

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