Princess Callie wrote:
UrotsukI wrote:
Princess Callie wrote:
Great. Let's beat the dead horse some more, why don't we?

Sorry, but I'm closing this thread - A word is not worth its own thread. And this has been driven into the ground 15 times too many.

oh boy, You want this thread closed? Then close your chat shutdown thread too. since its as much a dead horse as this is. and THAT is actually causing SITE WIDE drama.

Its called being fair.

That's a big thing, this is a word. Besides that, that's been proposed twice and done once. This has been proposed god knows how many times and still failed.

It would be pointless to have it open.

You are so incredibly full of shit. this has been proposed a lot yes. and its always been ended prematurely. also you have no right to decide chat matters aren't big. because they ARE big to chat. YOU are a site person. not a CHAT person. so stay out of chat matters. We can handle it ourselves thank you.

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