Ahem, Now right now i would personally like to address a specific mod directly.

Wolfenmaus. Now look I am not coming here specifically to bash a mod But, Listen lets be perfectly honest. He should Not be a mod. And here are just A few reasons as to why.

-When he was a mod last time He was demoted. And him and everyone else were told that he would Never be a mod again. Now listen. Last time that i checked Never was not "About a year until we feel like it" Simply put He just shouldn't have his rights. They were not supposed to be returned to him Ever.

-And even now that he is a mod. He doesn't do. Anything Hes AFK pretty much ALL the time and Even when he isn't I have yet to see him do anything modly, I hate to be the one to say this but Hes a waste of space on the mod lineup Which is already overstocked and needs some spring cleaning out.

Please do not mistake this for mod bashing But Guys there are way too many mods And whats worse. they don't even do anything. They're active during the time of day when all the other mods are. What i propose. Is that we Demote Some, Not all. But some mods who are only active during the day, and instead recruit other ones who are active during the late night, which is seriously lacking all but like One mod and thats Pram and even then hes rarely ever active when hes needed. I hope for my proposals to be considered. And possible action Taken. Thank you.

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