Princess Callie wrote:
UrotsukI wrote:
Princess Callie wrote:
UrotsukI wrote:
BrookeBattlesAgainst wrote:
I don't see anything wrong.

Am I blind?

If you are referring to what i am saying about wolfen. 

So you're saying you see nothing wrong with a mod doing nothing at all and being inactive all the time and just overall taking and wasting space on a lineup that is packed to the brim already?

He does more than you think.

On top of that, "opinions change?" Bull. Shit. Keep in mind that we all know you have a personal loathing of Wolfen. We don't know why, but we know. So pick your words carefully.

Oh geez, Thanks for coming in and immediately trying to turn this into a hostile thing. 

See that right there? up there? i made more points than you just did in your counter argument and i didn't even have to say a curse. Opinions can change, If you do not think they can, You are wrong. 

And If he does do more than i "think" Why not name some of these things hmm? I'd be glad to hear them.

I've seen him be active at least once every time he is on chat. I've seen him kick, ban, warn, etc.

As far as opinions go, sure, they can change. But I'm certain that an opinion like that wouldn't. And swears are just words, my friend.

Strong words that shouldn't be used in a passive Discussion.

And while you may have. I have not. I have yet to see him kick or ban ANYONE and while i have seen him warn people for things once or twice That doesn't change anything, He still does practically nothing.

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