I am here today in order to petition for the removal of Pramirez351's Chat Moderator rights.

Initially Pram started out as a decent mod with a promising future as they were polite and courteous to users. They also knew how to properly enforce policy in chat as needed. But as of late has fallen short of what is expected out of this wikis chat moderators.

In the past month or two not only has Pramirez351 fallen out of practice with moderation but has also been known to abuse his rights in favour of his current girl friend which constantly antagonizes users for the purpose of starting drama. He then neglects to punish her while dealing out kicks to those defending themselves against her attacks.

This alone is intolerable and warrants demotion in itself but then he goes even farther to threaten users in PM if they don't cease contact with her even though she goes out of her way to start the issues in the first place. More so he has started subtly enforcing rules that don't actually exist and claims flame baiting whenever there is a disagreement between a user he favours and one that is favoured less.

All in all these type of actions are not acceptable from a moderator period even if they don't actually do anything until their loved one feels threatened.

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