The Last Paladin wrote:
The Last Paladin wrote:
Mr.stache65 wrote:
Oppose Oppose - per Fatal and Callie
k, so this is because Fatal and Callie opposed? Have you no say of your own?
Also a perfect example of the biased votes I mentioned earlier, because friends are agreeing and decide to not have opposite votes

No paladin. They are not friends. They are actual users that are seeing both sides of the situation. If they see that Fatal and Cal have explored everything in the matter and they don't need to add more to it, then they have the right to say so. 

Lastly, broski, I advise this to you from a friendly perspective, you don't see me going around and commenting on every support that I see trying to prove them right or wrong. Its people's opinion, and well, I feel like if you are going to tamper it, you should try to discuss it with them personally instead of dissecting each one. Try to make one post that umbrellas all of them. Just a tip.

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