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"Although I enjoy chat sometimes and have had actual conversations on there, often it's just pointless talk and petty drama. Also, I feel like admins can focus on the site more without having to deal with chat. Users can also put more focus on, oh, I don't know, helping the site. You know, fixing pages, reviewing stories, etc. That's why I propose we take down chat for a while. A week, month, whatever. Let's just observe the site and see if it improves some. Maybe admins won't be abandoning ship left and right. Maybe the amount of shit pastas will diminish. It could be helpful."

This actually is a very good question. Do we really need a chat on this site in particular? I personally don't think so. At the current moment it is only used for drama and non-essential communication between users.

If removed it is guaranteed that the users that currently use this sites chat will run off to another one and won't actually make a large impact on the site itself, heck it may even improve it. If the chat isn't done away with as a whole I'd suggest that it be converted to a place where only current contributors can come and coordinate with administrators on issues that are relevant to the site.

Much of the non-essential communication in the chatroom does nothing but stir up copious amounts of trouble as users tend to fight over some of the most ridiculous things. It is also a very unfriendly and unwelcoming place for new users as the moderators are extremely biased towards a small group of their friends. This then prompts other users to seek help from administrators on the site which causes the issues to spill out. If chat was limited to essential communication only things like this wouldn't happen and productivity on the site will increase due to the community having a place to discuss issues in real time.

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