Oppose Oppose - Will you please. Stop spamming these threads. The last one failed. This will fail. The next will fail. The trial only worked because you got enough people who don't actually use the chat to vote support, and you got the bitter mods who gave up long ago to say yes. This needs to stop. It's frankly annoying when you create one of these damn threads every month. because of your own useless vendetta against the chat which frankly I have no idea why you have. It's not gonna kill you or the site for the chat to come back. it's literally an optional part of the site. and anyone who complains about its drama simply shouldn't GO there. they complain about it leaking onto the main site. the simple solution is to just delete the drama that leaks, and keep it off the main site. but don't try to delete An arm of the site because of one little problem.

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