Okay folks, so this one has been bouncing around the blogs for a while, and the community seems a bit torn on which direction they want to go. So, here are the basics of the idea.

I am crowd-sourcing the idea as of right now, and since the blog didn't really answer too much, I want to put this to a hard vote. Either the majority is on board, or not.

So, the contest would essentially revolve around re-writing Jeff the Killer as a quality story that meets our standards. This would be open to everyone, and the stories would be submitted on Pastebin with the links posted to the site. Judges would still have to be selected and timelines would have to be laid out, but the basic concept is simple.

Using the original story as the basis, our best and brightest would re-make the story without the terrible grammar, cliches and "things of bleach." All writers will have a ton of creative license to take the story in their own direction, so long as it doesn't deviate so far from the basic bones of the first story. Remember, the challenge isn't to make a Jeff spin-off, but rather to re-tell the first story, done right. The winning story would be posted here as the new and improved Jeff the Killer story.

The main inspiration for this is the fact that we still get so many complaints about Jeff the Killer and such. People clearly want the story back, and maybe we can explore such possibilities by allowing a re-write. I understand that this sort of project has been proposed in the past, and has never fleshed out to much of anything. So, I think we can change that, and actually make this a really fun and sort of campy contest just in time for Halloween. 

There are a lot of concerns though, about messing with the original formula and such, but I am confident that we can take out creative abilities and work around such challenges to actually make a great story.

So, this comes down to a vote, as I said before. Personally, this contest is for the community, so if the community votes it down, then there are no hard feelings. However, if the vote passes, we'll give it a try and see if we can't finally make something worth a damn out of this cult classic that just won't die. 

So, you know the drill:

Support Support - -If you want to see a re-write of Jeff the Killer.

Neutral Neutral - -Try to avoid this one, I want a real consensus from the community. If you really don't know, that's fine, but try to explain a neutral stance so it can help us decide which direction to go with it.

Oppose Oppose - -We made the choice to delete Jeff and have gotten through most of the hate that resulted. If you think it's best to leave well-enough alone, vote opposed.

Voting will be up for a week, ending next Saturday, September 26th, 2015.

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