Hello, Creepypasta authors!

I am Spirit Voices, a new user on YouTube. Currently, I am looking for 4 (or more) stories to be posted on my channel,

My only requirement is that I'm trying not to curse a lot in my videos to make them more accessible for younger viewers, so the stories should either lack swear words (things like damn or hell are alright) or you should be alright with me taking them out/replacing them! Other than that, any stories are welcome. 

Sadly, I cannot pay right now seeing as I only have about 20 subscribers at the moment. :/ That being said, you will get LOTS of credit for your story! Just let me know what links you want in my description (social media, story link, account link, etc.) and it'll be there. I'll also give you an estimate of when the video will be out, and you can see it before anyone else if you'd like to (or just watch it when it comes out)! :)

Plus, as an option, I can also proofread or edit the stories beforehand if you're worried about grammar. I love editing anyways so it wouldn't be a big deal for me, lol. Email me at for that.

Anyways, that ends my spiel. I absolutely cannot wait to read your stories! Make sure to check out my channel and ask any questions you want below!

-- Spirit

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