This is an issue that may be addressed, even though I probably shouldn't be the one who addresses it. I know i'm not an admin or mod that should take this into notice, but I think this has gotten ridiculous. Me and Sloshed have talked about inactivity recently, he is too busy to make a thread and I'm not sure how to make it sound "nice". As a user, I think i think I should put this in notice. And, not to point fingers, but there is some mods and admins that are incredibly inactive. I think going further in the subject on why I think some of the inactive admins would just cause further drama with one I have old dirt with. I think we can easily thin out the line with mods, as it is very noticeable when they have gotten on. And this isnt suppose to be mean to the admins or mods or to start drama, beacuse I DO get that you have better things to do then just edit this wikia, but I think we need more spots to have better chances of finding more active mods and admins. I know some may take this the wrong way, because I DO realize Kill was retired, but that is a different subject. He had the common decency to atleast get the rights tooken away.

Taking this in account: tl:dr

Get rid of inactive admins and mods.

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