HopelessNightOwl wrote:
Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind if we nixed the rule against haunted game pastas. People have taken it as an "all but" virtual ban on video game pastas altogether, and as a result even our established contributors rarely attempt them. Maybe getting rid of the rule, which draws a fuzzy line to begin with, would encourage more people to try it out.

I also think we should revisit the lost episode ban and consider narrowing its interpretation to mean only stories based on real existing TV shows and movies. The way it's used and defined now has created a lot of grey area (Candle Cove is under lost episodes. If someone wanted to make a vaguely similar story would they also have to make a spin appeal as a lost episode despite it not being about a real show?)

Exactly what I'm saying I have a Candle Cove inspired story but they simply didn't attempt to look at it.

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