EmpyrealInvective wrote:

Simon Slaughters wrote: Exactly what I'm saying I have a Candle Cove inspired story but they simply didn't attempt to look at it.

I think you may be deflecting a bit of criticism by saying we're not 'even looking at your stories'. We are, they need work. Your Elmo story is a wall-of-text riddled with mechanical issues that rehashes haunted/cursed doll tropes. It was marked for review and deletion by two separate people before Cleric intervened and deleted it.
Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 9.17.38 PM

As for removing the abuse filter, I can see the appeal as it would make some things easier in some aspects, but unfortunately we still get a lot of blacklisted stories caught up in it that need a lot of work. I'd also like to mention that the past five appeals made on the Spinoff Appeal have passed due to the time the authors put into them while still following the rules so it isn't like we have a hard ban set up that prevents any blacklisted story from appealing. I think the major benefit the abuse filter does is it sets up a choke point where authors have to go through the channels we made instead of spamming their stories and not following the guidelines:
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This is the third consecutive day they've tried to upload this Pokepastas (even after being informed that an Appeal needs to be made to post it).

Yeah that was the old version of the Elmo story and pokepastas belong on spinpastas I understand that but I think Lost Episodes shouldn't be disregarded i have a better version of the elmo one know anyway.

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