EmpyrealInvective wrote:
It's best to give examples of issues to correct rather than just stating that issues exist.

Here are a few I found:

Spacing: "screen."Can't (should be spaced. Capitalization: ""Get him!" The (the) boy screamed."

Wording: ""No, dad!" Of cause (course) not", "No kid will (would) venture into basements", "Richard watched with satisfaction as his stepfather (stepfather's?) struggles died away.", "It was all a (an) unfortunate accident"

Punctuation: "The boy seemed finally relieved, and he,(comma not needed) too, was smiling.", """Don't worry honey, it's all clear.(,)" Martin said". You also have a tendency to switch between hyphenating step-father and leaving it unhyphenated. You should be uniform with how to hyphenate words.


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