I don't know what the hell happened. She's still missing.

So, my 6 year old daughter carries this doll. Nothing went wrong for a month after i bought that goddamned doll, but, things got strange. My daughter started having dark circles under her eyes. Normally asking her "Did you stay up last night?" but she wouldn't answer, she just smirked, and kept eating her cereal,I thought it was strange. But i got used to it. After a couple of days, I got a email. It didn't tell me where it came from, or who it came from, no "Reply" or "Forward", it was just text. It said "Day after day, tired and more tired. She was interesting. I hope you think the same thing" at that point I was panicking. After i got that email, I asked her if she wanted to sleep with me, she said yes, she took her slightly broken doll to bed. I didn't sleep that night.

I got another email the day after that

"You and your daughter look so nice sleeping together"

I stayed up all night, nobody except my daughter was in my room! What the hell is happened- Then it hit me. The doll. I got a sledge hammer and hit the doll until it didn't even look noticeable as a doll. Of course my daughter cried but i didn't care at all. All i cared about was my daughters safety. The day after that. She was missing. And she's still missing

The final email i got, was "goodbye". And i cried. Nothing happened after that, but depression. And the bowl was the only thing to remind me of my daughter.

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