Christmas is everyone’s favorite time of year. That’s more of an over statement but you get my point. What have we been taught since little kids Santa gives you presents but when you’re older you learn it’s not that at all.

Let’s pause on Santa Clause, what does he do exactly?

We have been told he travels all night and gives presents to boys and girls.

Let’s look at his name Santa Clause, strange name if you think about it.

The name Santa resembles very closely to the name Satan. Same amount of letters both start with S and both are very well known around the world.

Let’s analyze a little jingle of “Santa called Santa Clause is Coming to Town”.

“You better watch out”, what should I be watching out for? Should I be watching out for Santa, but I thought this is supposed to be a jolly man that’s warm and loving.

“You better not cry”, again here why would I be crying? The next part says you should do these things because “Santa Clause is coming to town”.

Here is another disturbing fact that this society blindly choses to ignore.

He knows when a child is sleeping and knows when he/she wakes up from sleeping.

That fact with other evidence caused me to come to the conclusion Santa is Satan himself. I am not stating this from a religious point of view but from the evidence I gathered that you cannot deny.

Unless you chose to ignore the evidence that is.

I’m going to give you an example of something that may not seem goes with what I’m saying but just read this and you will understand.

Imagine one day you are at home outside and a man in a ski mask holding a gun walks toward you.  What do you do?

Naturally any sane woman or man would run back inside of their home in fear of getting robbed or killed.

Now imagine the next day a man in a suit and tie nicely combed hair holding lovely red roses walks your way. What would you do?

Naturally you wouldn’t feel threatened by the man you may even let him in.

What if I told you the man in the suit is the man in the ski mask from the previous day only in disguise.

I said all that to say this Santa is Satan in disguised.

Santa wears a mostly all red suit, the devil himself or Satan skin is red.

This may be small but I do know that the color red is often associated with evil or harm or something rough.

Why would a jolly man be wear all red?

The color may be a small in significant fact but here is one thing that socked even me as I began investigating.

Santa is spelled S-a-n-t-a now look closely at the letters if I rearrange them they spell Satan.

I doubt this can be just a coincidence, this is living evidence of Santa being Satan.

What would happen if I took the word Santa and put Satan instead.

“You better watch out you better not cry”.

“Better not pout, I'm telling you why Satan is coming to town”.

This only sound right hear me out here.

Why would the children be crying?

Satan is coming and the parents are telling them to be quiet and not cry so attention wouldn’t be drawn to them.

Santa comes down the chimney to give you presents so you must stay asleep, does that not sound a little strange to you,

This is where I think Santa truly started from.

Satan would come to town and children would cry when he would come down the chimney, because the doors and windows where blocked.

Satan was aware if the children were sleeping or awake and he know when they have done evil (been bad) or have been good.

Here is what I propose the song and events have been changed in order to not remember those tragic events from the past and everyone has remember a false entity known as Santa clause.

Satan lives in extreme heat while Satan lives in the extreme cold.

I would think that Satan himself created this false creation and feed it to the public.                                                                 The evidence here is undying.

So just think every year your child wishing something from Santa is actually wishing something from Satan.

So “Santa” really did exist except it was Satan and he stopped paying us a visit. Only know we worship him every year through Santa Clause.

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