Day 9

I think it’s been nine days since I’ve been stuck in this car. I’ve survived off of snacks I have in my book sack thank goodness I brought it with me. I have to rewrite this ever time the loop restarts and I’m getting tired of it. To whoever finds this note book I don’t know where I am or if this will ever end, but I just want to leave.

I was hungry, just so happens my friend Dan sends me a text to meet him at Subway for a bite to eat and a quick game of chess. He knows he beats me at it half the time but I was getting better and was starving so I asked if he was paying and he said yes. I don’t have a car because I can’t afford it and I didn’t feel like skateboarding so I decided to get an Uber. I’ve gotten one before and it worked pretty well so why not do it again. I opened the app put out a request and Uber showed up very quickly less than 5 minute even.

I got in the back the back of the car and tell him where to, we have three Subways so I had to tell him witch one to go to.  He nodded looked in his rear view mirror he had sunglasses on so I couldn’t see his eye but I didn’t really care.

To get to the Subway I was meeting Dan at there’s a short cut to get there and there are trees on both side of the road. It’s really beautiful view but it’s not too long it last for about 4 to 5 minutes before you start seeing a bunch of buildings. I noticed something was off when all I saw were the trees it seems as if it lasted forever. I asked the driver what was going on but there was no reply, “can you hear me” I said he just look at me through his rear view and the car continued to go.

The trees seemed like they would never end and I don’t think they ever will. After multiple try’s trying to get the driver to answer, I then took out my phone and tried to text my friend. The only thing was that I couldn’t, there wasn’t any connection.

I looked through my book sack I brought to see if there were any snacks in it a half-eaten bag of jelly beans, peanut butter crackers, gum, mint , apple juice box, and more gum. I ate the pack of crackers I had and drunk the juice to wash it down.

It wasn’t until twelve o’clock I was really freaked out one thing bothered me. The car hadn’t run out of gas I looked in my bag for my phone there where crackers and my juice box. I had to get out of here even if I ended up hurt I tug at the driver and he doesn’t budge, I push, pull, I even hit not a thing happened. That day I wrote in this same journal the happening that led up to this.

It was the third day I think was when I decided to jump out of the car. I braked myself and broke the window grabbed my phone and made the deadly leap with my phone in hand. The wind seemed to pick me up and lift me as I flipped and rolled my way down the road. I was in the most pain I’ve ever felt then I couldn’t even reach for my phone that lied in front of my face. The pain was so bad that I slowly closed my eyes. When I woke up I was again in the backseat of the car, I check around for my phone but it wasn’t there.

I did a test after that ripping a piece of paper out of my note book and throwing it out of the window. I waited until twelve o’clock and sure enough it wasn’t there. There days after that I couldn’t think of any way to escape, I wasn’t allowed to die and I wasn’t allowed to leave. The days following made me wish more and more I would die and all the driver would do is look at me as he always did through the rear view mirror. I began talking to the driver knowing I wouldn’t get an answer but it kept me sane, well sane as I hoped.

To whoever finds this I don’t know where I am or if this is an everlasting curse. I hope one day to be free. My name is Jason Garther I’m 22 and I’m stuck in the back of what I think is a forever driving Uber.

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