BloodySpghetti wrote:
There is really no point in writing this story if you actually say "it loops, and every time it does, I have to re-write the notes". You basically tell the reader there is no way out for this guy; he's stuck forever and no one will ever get to read his notes since they are stuck in the loop with him. 

You put yourself as a person who wrote the plot in a hole from which you can't escape, there's no solution to the conflict you've presented us with. Your story is pointless... It's just "well he's fucked" situation. You have to find a loophole for him to get out of this loop; or to get the notes out so someone could save him. You didn't do that. You just said, "it's a loop and he's forever stuck and there is no way out." 

There is of course a way out of course, and it's pretty simple, but you'll have to figure it out. If you can't, well this story is doomed.

The whole idea of the story was you're not allowed to leave and not allowed the die.....the original before I cleaned it up and renewed it was going to be he was kind of an evil guy so this was his punishment but dk if I should've keept that.

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