hi my name is tom i'm a middle school student  i wont tell what school i go to for privacy reasons anyways it was around 2:35 pm i was in math class and i was staring off into space waiting until 2:37 pm to get out of school but suddenly we hear over the loudspeaker [atencion all students we are going into lockdown this is not a drill i repeat this is not a drill my teacher ms.brown gathers all of us in to the corner when we all get in the corner   she turns off the lights and she quietly walks and hides corner with us the corner   we hear loud stomping down the halls and screeching we hear a tap at the door we all go still we can see though the little window on the door a pail white face with green eyes white hair he spots us and he starts screeching louder  he scratches and kicks the door but to no avail he sprints away a few minutes past were all terrified  waiting it out we hear loud speaker go on we hear  a man sobbing in pain and hissing the sobbing was familiar it was our printable mr.haskell a girl in our class starts sobbing the intercom went off we heard sirens in the distance cops surround the school they barge in your room knocking down the door apparently a parent called the cops because her kid wasn't home apparently the guy ran off and for our principal he was found beaten and bruised other than that he was fine my mom came to pick me up i bolted to her and hugged her so tight and here i am type this story how it happened and as i finish up typing i hear tapping
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