I got home, I was sweating harder than ever. My breath was almost completely out of my body. I had just gone for a jog with my best friend and brother I wish I had, Darren. Darren was a friend I had met in the second grade at a Halloween party and we stayed friends ever since.

“Bye Darren!” I shouted as unlocked the door to my messy and old apartment that I had just moved into.

“See you soon” He shouted back.

As soon as I felt my feet touch the floor in my bedroom, I was out. I fell onto bed I thought about how happy I was, but what I dreamed was the exact opposite. I woke up. I got out of bed and stepped into the dark hallway and saw a big, disgusting, and nightmarish creature, the devil himself I assumed. I fell to the ground looking at it. I stared into its deep, dark, hollow eyes as it stared into mine.

“Find the Book” It’s dark and fear inducing voice hollowed.

I then, I saw a book on a rock outside my apartment. Everything flashed before my eyes. I had to be dreaming, and I was dreaming indeed. I woke up, sweating even harder than the jog made me. I knew exactly what to do. I went outside as fast as I could and saw it, lying there like it was another rock, the book. I clenched the book in my hands and felt like screaming, but I certainly did not.

I woke up in bed, the book still in my hands. I went over to Darren’s house.

“What happened?” Darren asked, he knew something was wrong.

“This book is what’s wrong”

“Are we going to read it?”

“No!” I almost shouted.

He asked why I brought it and I explained. I said it was the devils book of nightmares and death. He laughed and told me I was funny, which I was, normally. I told him it was no joke, but of course, he laughed and laughed harder and harder.

“Fine!” I yelled.

He stopped.

“But when you die, don’t blame me for not warning you, idiot!” I exploded out of my mouth.

I left his house and went back to mine. I clenched the book and blew up. I teared it apart, I ripped it like a woodchipper and threw it out the window.

“You stupid book! You’re killing me!” I cried.

I calmed down and sat down and cried. It felt like hours just sitting there crying. I stopped after I looked out the window and saw the book on the cement, ripped to shreds. I went to bed trying not to think. I woke up and felt like there was a presence and then, slam! I heard the door slam and saw feet under the door, clawed, monstrous feet. I launched back when the door creaked open with the same, devilish monster in the doorway.

“Read the book!” It yelled.

“No!” I screamed.

“Then feel pain” It whispered.

I felt a monstrous ringing in my ear, it hurt more than anything ever. I kept screaming, I felt the pain rush through my ear into my head and then the rest of my body. I woke up. Blood was flowing out of my ears. I looked around and saw it. I became angrier than ever, it was the book, fresh and new. I heard in my ear:

“Read it”

I looked at it I laughed. I grabbed it and read it. I would read it to you, but if you see the words on the page you would go through what I was now, all I can say is that it was twisted and dark and not for the faint of heart, like me.

After reading I felt a weird, creepy sensation go through my body. I was going insane I walked out of my room to see the monster standing in the hallway.

“You are mine now” It said.

“What do you need?!” I cried.

“Kill the friend you call, Darren”

“No!” I cried.

It grabbed me with its long, knife-like fingers.

“What did you say? Huh?” It asked.

“I said No!”

I felt its claws on my skin, tearing through it as I screamed.

“Fine! I’ll do it!” I screamed.

“Good boy” It said.

I found myself at Darren’s front door, a dagger in my right hand. I rang the doorbell. I heard the foot steps getting closer and closer to the door and the door opened, but it wasn’t Darren, it was a girl I had never seen before. She asked who I was. I didn’t answer.

“Umm…” She murmured

“Hello?” She asked

I grinned, and then I smiled, and then laughed.

“I need Darren” I whispered

“Darren! - Ah!” She shouted as I stabbed her back and threw her into the thorn plants. I felt her blood flow down my tearful face.

There was no going back now. I saw Darren at the door, his eyes were wide open with shock and saw him about to scream but I grabbed him and punched him in the face twice.

“Shut up, idiot!”

“I’m sorry, please I’m sorry” He wailed.

“It’s too late for sorry, Darren”

I put the dagger on his throat. I laughed as I slid the knife across his throat and left him to die on the floor. I walked to my apartment as people all around the neighborhood. I went inside and told the book that I did it.

“You are still my puppet, and always will be. You are stuck in my world” The book said

I cried as I realized I will always be stuck in this eternal nightmare of a world and this story will be the last you will ever hear of me...

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