Report #1:


January 7th, 2015, Nebraska. So, where can I start? I am here to report an incident that happened about two years ago I believe. So, it all started when a man was mysteriously murdered in his bedroom. Doctors have found out that the man’s wounds were like injuries of people who had accidents in slaughterhouses, specifically, the hooks. They also found no fingerprints but had found footprints and unidentifiable strands of black hair. The man’s head was torn apart down to the bone, his right arm was torn off, he had multiple marks where it seemed like hooks had been planted deep into his flesh. The man had some visitors in the form of maggots, which were burrowing into his body and in his wounds. The man was later identified as Harold Simmons. The Lincoln Police Dept. are still trying to find out who, or what could’ve done something that crazy.


Report #2:


February 28th, 2015, Nebraska. So, where we left off was Simmons being mangled up, well that was just the start of this killing spree in Nebraska. A man and a woman were also murdered while in their Jeep on the side of the road. They found everything they found in Simmons bedroom, plus, a weird material that felt like a cat’s claw, but rougher, and way sharper. Police have concluded that this is most definitely, an animal, a new species that loves to feast on humans. The man was named Charles Baker and the woman was Rylee Bickus. Both had been decapitated but Charles' head had been found, cut straight down the middle.


Report #3:


April 21st, 2015, Nebraska. On this &day we found out that humans aren’t “The Hook’s” only meal. Jackie Carter was going on a nice hike when she turned a corner and found 365 dead animals, ranging from mice, to fully grown lions. Jackie just so happened to be an animal lover, so she started sobbing in the officer’s arms, as she wailed. She hates to talk about this incident, so she wasn’t too pleased when I said I was making a report on it. She described the animals being brutally mutilated, with intestines spilling out of their stomach.


Report #4:


July 11th, 2015, Nebraska. It seems this creature just doesn’t know when to give up, doesn’t it? Anyway, an entire house was raided of their food and everything pretty much. Meanwhile, the family that lived there were floating around in their pool and, you guessed it! They had drowned with the same hairs floating around with them. The family was the Jaywood family. They had three kids, a boy, a girl, and a newborn, a husband and wife, and an older woman which was the kids’ grandmother. They were a wealthy family that did not deserve to die so soon, especially with a newborn that had a great life ahead of it.


Report #5:


August 1st, 2015, Nebraska. Great! More tragic things to speak about! A rotten man was found in the water below a cliff, you know where this is going, the man was most likely thrown off the cliff, and was already bleeding as there was blood on the edge of the cliff. Of course, there were the hairs and even the material showed up, which appeared to be stabbed into the ground. The man was, after a very long time, was Identified as Barry Johnson and doctors also found out that the body was before Simmons death, which made this the first in chronological order, or it might not even be the first, it could be the 100th for all we know.


Report #6:


September 3rd, 2015, Nebraska.15-year-old Danny Hectorson was riding his bike when he fell and skinned his knee on the road. Danny tried to stand but then he stared up at the bushes and saw a creature, a terrifying creature. He stared at the creature for so long, he didn’t notice the truck driving by and bam! It just all happened. Danny said he could hear his bones crunch and snap. Danny had brain damage and had broken almost every bone in his body. Danny was hospitalized and died after telling his outrageous story to his parents. Danny died telling the last thing he saw before the truck just ran him over. Moving on I guess.


Report #7:


Christmas, 2015, Nebraska. Happy Holidays everybody! But when a holiday comes, “the Hook” comes out to play. While visiting Nebraska for a holiday vacation, the Rupert’s family were murdered after the “the Hook” broke into their hotel at night and murdered them in their sleep. They had mangled them all into a pile of flesh and bones. The pile was found, burnt, in the oven. 

Report #8:


February 9th, 2016, Nebraska. So, there was another death and this one was interesting. A 9-year-old girl was stabbed into a tree with a stick and got her face torn up, bite marks and hook marks all over her face. She was also gutted, and the inside of her body was completely cleaned out of organs and bones and even her eyes, which were found in the pool of blood next to her. The hairs were bloody, and Police say that they’re now going to hunt down the creature and make sure they kill it, but what happened next is what stopped that from ever happening.


Report #9:


March 16th, 2016, Nebraska. This was by far the most outrageous thing to happen yet. The Lincoln Police Dept. were mutilated and murdered. 64 officers were murdered. One of the many officers was officer Jerry. Jerry, unlike the others, was not, in fact, murdered, but had died of a massive heart attack. The rest of the officers that were at home, decided that there will be a big ceremony for every officer that passed away. There was one officer who survived which was officer Link. He stated that he didn’t want or needed to talk about what happened or what the creature was, but just that it was unimportant, and many officers died so we should respect them. The police, or what was left of them, needed more information, and luckily, they got some.


Report #10


March 30th, 2016, Nebraska. Gordon Nark will now tell his story of his encounter, in which he survived.


“Hello, I’m Gordon Nark and I guess I’ll just tell it from the beginning. I was at home making myself dinner at about 9:35 PM like normal. I heard loud knocking on the window. I tried to ignore it, but it became louder. I went to yell at whatever silly prank this was but saw nothing, just the neighborhood, and the night sky. Soon the knocking became scratching and screeching. I was going crazy, so I yelled that I was going to call the cops if they didn’t stop. That’s when I heard screeching coming from the door. I ran over and ripped open the door and was visited by a creature. It lunged at me. I stared into its bright eyes and its open mouth filled with razor sharp teeth that could chew through my bones. But the worst thing was the claws. They were like hooks, thick hooks, like the ones at slaughterhouses. It stuck its claws into me. I was screaming for help. The creature picked me up off the ground and threw me onto the stairs, I heard my ribs snap apart from each other. I leaped up the stairs and into my room. I hid under my bed. I was waiting for about thirty minutes when my foot was stabbed by the hook and I screamed, and I was dragged out from under the bed. I squirmed to get free from its strong grip. Then it opened its mouth and it drooled all over me. Its growls sounded like chuckles, it was enjoying my pain. It went in for the bite and I put my arm up, but it chomped my hand clean off. I bled all over the ground. The blood was gushing all over the room. I got myself up and practically rolled down the stairs. I was starting to black out. I ran out the house. I screamed and screamed until, finally, people came out to help. I finally blacked out and when I woke up, doctors were everywhere., I was laying down with bandages all over me. I’m afraid now, afraid of the Hook.”  


I’ve got a sketch of the creature that Gordon made right here:

20180128 160936

"The Hook"

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