Don't know if I can post such a story since it lacks plot.


I hated the way we were living. Always had to be surrounded by walls to prevent from being eaten. Always had to watch the walls to keep them out. Always had to be back home before dusk. Always had to hear the hollowed shrieks they make after dusk. Always had to mourn the loss of someone because they couldn't follow the rules. It was always wake up, do chores, watch the wall, eat, attend a funeral, go home, sleep. . . Only to wake up and do it all over again the next day.

I used to find that life boring, so I did what anyone else would have done. I asked if any of my close friends wanted to go out and adventure with me beyond the walls. They looked at me like I was insane and asking for a death wish. They didn't take me seriously. I'm pretty sure they were shocked to see my bed and drawers empty the next morning.

I left in the early hours of the day; when the guards were either too drunk or too tired to care if someone left camp. Luckily, no Clones were near when I departed, and I made a clean getaway. For some reason, the air felt a lot more breathable than when I was inside the walls. It was a lot colder though, and a hell of a lot more beautiful.

The way the old city glistened in the sun, the vines ran up along the skyscrapers and the wildlife on, what used to be crowded streets, were all so magnificent. I couldn't imagine why anyone would ever dare to live their lives inside a mundane wall. Granted, Clones were running rampant, but they were no match for us. Why hide behind walls when we could have fought them back?

From what legend says, the being that started all of this is still running around. They named it Erebus after a few years since it emerged. They named it after the Greek god of darkness due to how darkness just envelops its entire body. Supposedly, it has been around since the beginning of time, and it was only asleep until three hundred years ago; when what they call "The First Encounter" happened. Apparently, it can run so fast, it can break the sound barrier and so strong, it can destroy a mountain range. I've never seen it before, but legend says that the moment you stare into its eyes, you're dead. You just drop dead, and you become a Clone.

We don’t know how Erebus creates Clones though. There’s speculation that they’re people that were stupid enough to look into its eyes. Others say that they’re the people it has eaten, and others say it’s a form of vampirism. You know, he bites ya, and you turn into a Clone kind of thing? No one has a definitive answer though because rarely anyone ever escapes Erebus alive.

There's another legend though. One of a ferocious demon that can fight Erebus. Some say that Erebus created the demon because it was bored of being the only one of its species. Others say that the demon created Erebus and he's just trying to fix his mistake. There are not many speculations about what the demon is. They say he looks like any other man, except for his amber eyes. Supposedly though, the air gets super cold when he’s around. Again, I’ve never really encountered either of them, so I can’t say what’s fact and what’s actual legend.

I should probably cut this short since the Clones are starting to surround me. I think they picked up on my scent. And here I thought Clones were all morons.


She took a quick glance at the date. September 13th, 2307. She closed the book to read "Vincent" scribbled on the front cover again.

“What did you find, Lilith?” he asked.

“Just a kid’s notebook, Drake.” she responded.

“We need to keep moving, pick up Erebus’ scent again, and end this.”

“I know, but we’ve been at it for nearly seven hundred years. Are we really going to find It again?” she asked.

“We have to try. For them.”

She nodded and put the notebook in her backpack as they made their way outside the building.

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