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There was once a young woman who was about to get married. She decided she wanted to hold the wedding in the backyard of the large farmhouse where she had grown up. It was a beautiful wedding and everything went perfectly.

Afterwards, the guests played some casual party games. Someone then suggested Hide-and-Seek. They allowed the children to play as well. It wouldn't be hard to find a place to hide around the house.

The groom was "it", and the bride wanted to make sure that she won the game. When no one was looking she slipped inside the house. She ran up to the attic, found an old trunk and hid in it. Nobody had found her. Her new husband wasn't worried though, he figured she must have just gotten tired and went inside to rest. After the game had finished, everyone left the gathering.

The groom looked around the house but he couldn't find her anywhere. He and her parents filed a missing person’s case, but she was never found.

A few years after the bride’s mother had died, the bride's father went to go through his late wife's things that were collecting dust in the attic. He came to an old chest. The lid was closed and the old lock was rusted over and holding it closed. He opened the lid and was terrified to see his daughter's decaying body in the chest. When she hid there, the lid had closed and the rusty parts of the lock had latched together, trapping her there.

Yet, she still had the smile; it seemed as though she was doomed to spend eternity playing the game of Hide-and-Seek.