I’ve always liked kids. They’re stupid and naughty; they’re gullible and get scared easily. But mostly because their parents never believe what they tell them. It’s hilarious!

I mean…We all need our hobbies, right?

Anyway this is how I “got” little Joshua.

Josh was a curious little boy, always playing indoors, creating imaginary friends and exploring his big empty house. I’m not the reason people move all the time by the way, no one ever finds me. But no one had been here for so long now; I’m amazed to finally get the chance to play with someone!

You see Josh doesn’t realise how dangerous he really is.

I’ve seen him rummaging the attic, looking through all the previous owner’s old books and photos. He never knows what he’ll find, yet he carries on anyway! I, of course watch from the furthest corner, staying silent, just… watching.

When he brushes his teeth at night I like to show myself ever so briefly in the mirror; watching him scream to his parents is the funniest thing ever as they scold him when they find nothing. Not even a trace. Sometimes he forgets I’m all around him.

It infuriates me when he so carelessly wanders into the cellar to fetch something; I could get him right there and then! Or when he pokes his hand into the cupboard without looking, I must be patient however; all good things come to those who wait.

For some reason he was struggling to sleep that night. It wasn’t because of me; I was in my usual spot. Perhaps his curiosity found something disturbing in the house, who knows. Sometimes I wonder if I am in any of his nightmares.

He gets up to go to the bathroom; the light's blown but there’s still some faint light in the room. I’ve already picked my hiding spot; this was going perfectly. I’ll have him and be on to my next house in no time.

I could hear his heartbeat, see the sweat trickling down his cheek as he checks over his shoulders. It’s no use. He leans over; closer and closer. He nearly spots me as I tuck my leg back under the tap, inches away from his lips. It's fine, though, I’ve already killed him. He didn’t feel a thing.

He won’t wake up in the morning, and I’ll be finding my way into your house very shortly.

Written by Karma 0-0 
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