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Earth was in ruin. Human society had been destroyed when giant beetles came out of nowhere worldwide. They devoured people on the streets, and no amount of gunfire and nuclear warfare could stop them. People panicked, bunkered into their homes where they either left and were eaten, or they starved to death. The beetles cut off the water supply, leaving humans in their homes thirsty, dehydrated, desperate enough to make stupid choices.

The rich were unfazed, the poor were of no interest to them. The politicians, the monarchs, the dictators all fled to safety. They took to their bunkers with their families, letting the poor die and the insects starve. It didn’t matter to them. As they delved into secret spaces with sealed doors, they found themselves undisturbed, like the insects couldn’t stop them. Or that they didn’t want to.

Humanity cheered deep in the bunkers. The doors were resealed for another 10 years, and the festivities started. The beetles didn’t even try to enter. They didn’t need to. People were too busy panicking to think. Think about how beetles spent their larval years underground. People started vanishing in the bunkers. People tried to escape, but knew that they would die either way. Humanity quickly fell.

And in the bunkers, the beetle larva fed.