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Author's note: *"Burn, incompetent fools!"

(Translated from Latin.)

"Why do you worship such evil?" the priest bellowed.

"I don't, I swear it!" I shouted as the ropes that bind me to the pyre tighten.

"You do! You have been seen floating off of the ground, Lilith! Explain that!"

"I was not! Who told you such lies?"

"Why, it was Friar Griffin! And he does not lie!"

"How could I do such an evil act? You know me Father Benedict! I would never!"

"There are witnesses! The court has deemed you guilty!"

The executioner approached with the torch that would set me ablaze. I had to think fast, or I was surely doomed.

Let me speak to them.

No, I can't. They would kill me for sure if they heard you.

They will do so any way.

"Any last words?" the executioner snickered.

It is now or never.


My body convulsed, giving the executioner a moment of pause, as the demon came forth to speak, using me as a mouthpiece. Appalled, he dropped the torch, which fell into the pyre, igniting it.


The priest wore an expression of shock as the demon spoke.

"You dare trifle with matters you cannot comprehend? Adolebitque, incompetens stulti!"*

The flames from the pyre erupted outward, scorching both of my captors, and burning the ropes. The nearby villagers chased me in a rage as they witnessed my ropes fall to the ground.


I sprinted as fast as I could to get away, and ran into the nearby woods. Seeming to have lost them, I walked for what felt like hours, finally coming to a small town.

It begins anew.

"Indeed," I said, a smile forming on my lips.

Written by Funislife
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