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I, the lonely old man
Sits by the road
Sits by the highway
And holds my gun under my arm to pray

In a flash
In a blur
The unwitting drivers speed by
In a lull

In a dull roar of silence
I can see the crows lined up beside me

In my chair I raise my arm
And I fire into the air
The crows fly forward to me
In a frenzy

Mad as hell
Minutes go by
The crows fly by
Back to their perch

Time is of the essence
Please don't let anyone slow down
Please don't let anyone stop

No one deserves to die
Which is why no one can afford to stop by

Time is something I ironically don't have
As the traffic slows to gawk at another casualty of their hate

The crows are a portent
The crows look on
And wait
Waiting for a spectacle
A dinner show

As I get ready to pack up and admit defeat
I hear the sirens wail and I jump to my feet
Below me, under my bridge
Is a burning building
Fiery and bright
A model of Gomorrah stands to fall

I know that it is impossible
For even a god, Father Time, to stop death itself
As the roof caves in and a choreographed gasp is let out
I walk down the road into the sunset

And hope to see that survival comes about.

In Memoriam

Of fire officer Jon Davies and all those effected by the Arlington Street fire in Worcester MA.

Jon Davies... Death: December 8, 2011