My phone alarm goes off. My clock reads "Surprise at school." My normal alarm says "Go to school." I must have changed it last night and just forgot about it. Right?

I brush my teeth and do my daily morning routine. I hear the standard iPhone text message sound. I finish up, and check my phone. It reads as follows:

Patrick - "Not walking with you to school today because I'm sick :("

I reply with " Aww, get better man :/ "

I finish my hygiene routine, put on my jacket, get my bag, and head off to school.

Since I was walking alone, I figure I might as well put on my headphones and play my favourite jams. It was a freezing morning up in Canada. I couldn't feel any of my body parts. Halfway through my walk, I get a reminder from my phone.

It reads, "Car."

I had no idea what this meant, so I just ignored it. Who did this?

At this point, I can see my school.

Finally almost at school! I think to myself.

I suddenly get another reminder from my phone.

Reading "accident." At this point, I'm getting frightened. I look up from my text, and see two cars full on ram each other. I start panicking. My music suddenly stops.

I look into one of the victims windows, and see their face smashed into the wheel. The airbag failed to go off, and blood starts flowing out of her eyes. The eyes quickly open and instantly lock onto mine. We stared at each other for about 10 seconds. As the time kept going on, more blood was gushing out. Finally, her eyes close. 

I run off to school without saying a word to anyone. The whole day in school, my mind is on the driver that gazed at me. She was always in my head...

As soon as I arrive home, I lay on my bed. I wake up at 3:12 AM. My eyes feel like there is something in them. I start to rub my eyes vigorously. I rush to the bathroom to see what's wrong with my eyes...

I turn on the lights and I see the girl from the car behind me. Just standing there. I don't yell or scream, and we have that same stare like last time. That was the last time I saw her, and that was the last time I saw myself.

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