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In 2015, an unexplained event took place in Dexton, Indiana. Dozens of 9-1-1 calls were made describing some sort of creature eating the townspeople. Deciding to investigate this, we sent a team of six soldiers into the town. Naturally, we wanted to see if this was a nuclear accident or merely a prank played by the townspeople. We had rigged heart rate monitors onto the six soldiers so that we would know if they were still alive, and their cams, radios, and monitors were on a huge screen in our headquarters.

At first, their cams displayed normal streets. But one of the radio operators, Milton, reported that one of the soldiers, Sgt Cormack, said that the heat scans weren't picking up any readings, which meant that they had somehow just packed up and left. I put on a headset and told the six soldiers to return to base effective immediately, citing that the townspeople were probably pulling a prank and had left town. But Cormack reported that they were hearing something further into the town. Obviously, we were all thinking local animals (wolves, foxes, etc.), so I told the six to just return to the truck. Then, Cormack reported that the growls sounded almost human, which was near impossible because the heat signatures didn't pick up any human readings. I told Cormack to just pack up and go, but then the cams picked up a grotesque creature. It was covered in boils and was twice the size of the soldiers. I immediately told them to run, but Cormack and his soldiers of course did not obey orders and began shooting the thing, to no avail. Then, Milton heard something. I grabbed the headset and heard Cormack.

"Sir. the thing's too big! Request to use explosives." Cormack was shouting so loud that his voice caught me off-guard.

"NEGATIVE! GET BACK TO THE TRUCK!" I barked into the earpiece. But then, one of the soldiers heart monitors, Sgt Cohen's, flatlined. Everyone in the radio room was obviously shocked. We saw the cam shut off, and the radio crackle, then go silent. Then, another soldier's heart monitor flatlined. It was Lt Johnson's. I immediately sat down in shock, because Johnson was known as the "Flash". He was almost impossible to hit, so how could that thing have hit him? It was now down to the last four soldiers. Another radio operator, Carter, attempted to radio to Cormack, but then, another soldier's feed cut out, and a minute later, Sgt Smith's heart monitor flatlined. Carter then said that none of the radio calls were getting through, and that all we could do was watch as the final two feeds, Sgt's Lee and Anderson's, cut out. Now, it was only Sgt Cormack. Thinking that I could get at least one radio call in, I put the headset back on.

"Cormack, come in!" I yelled. Cormack's voice came out, which relieved me. I could finally contact him. But the signal was coming out weird. All that came out was garbled language.

"Cormack?" I asked. I heard screeching on the other end. I immediately ran to Carter.

"Carter, focus on Cormack's screen," I commanded. Carter pulled up Cormack's feed, which was slowly going static. But everyone in the radio room gasped. The creature had gotten ahold of Cormack. I zoomed in and just as I did, the creature tore off Cormack's head with ease, and the whole screen went static. Two seconds later, Cormack's heart monitor flatlined. Everyone was in shock, and I walked outside and buried my face into my hands. They were all dead, because of me. Then, Milton lightly tapped me on the shoulder.

"Sir, you're gonna seriously want to see this."

I walked to the radio room, and immediately collapsed onto the floor in horror. Sgt's Lee's feed had picked up all six of the men on poles, their heads displayed like the inside of The Museum of Natural History. Then, the creature picked up the feed, and grotesquely smiled.

"We're coming. Just you wait," The creature said, which shocked me. Then, using just its bare hands, it crushed the camera, and the feed went dark. I lifted myself off the ground and slowly walked out.

Two weeks later, the feeds were leaked and uploaded onto a YouTube channel called PointBreak56 Four. The video was brief, named "A492posn779S8o22p". But in the video, you could clearly see Sgt Anderson's static feed. The FBI ordered an investigation on the person who leaked the video, but only came across dead ends. I later ordered to call off the investigation, citing that the video was just static. However, a day later, I was given a message from the military that contained only the words: "Flip this message backwards." Naturally, I did what the message ordered, but what came next shocked me. The message revealed the utterly terrifying words: "It's still alive." To this day, this simple message haunts me as I write this case file. A week later, the military gated up Dexton, turning it into a no trespassing zone. Of course, tourists still visit the area and attempt to get into the town, but out of the near-hundreds of tourists who manage to break into the town, none have returned.