In ninety fifty-five the little ones gathered

For their young minds to be fathered

Young and sweet, juicy and meek

Vulnerable' and cheeky but not as much as he


In ninety fifty-two,

Beware baby blues for the sleepwalker sees you

Doesn’t little Lillie look like she’d make a great steak stew?

He shifts and switches, after that bullet, tall and slim.

A little girl, boy or more in just one two three four.


Ninety 'fifty-six',

So many children gone, but not a good enough fix

Like a wedding night’s pork, they found little Lillie split

She lost her mind, no one knows where it goes.

They searched where the river flows but found no soul.

But the sleepwalker knows, 'young girls' 'best' quality is her temple.


In Ninety 'fifty-nine',

Getting to that point down the line,

Where the fine men in blue and white noticed the ties

But before the sleepwalker could be in timeout

The magical man blew his brains about.


In ninety 'sixty',

Sleepwalker waits, for mommies to sleep

So the cheeky children go to see

The candy floss, rides and oh so many lights

Whether they see the little girl or boy,

The carnival sleeps, but the sleepwalker walks in his rest.


Written by KeepYourselfSafe
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